Using Compasses

Today we had fun experimenting with compasses. With a partner we planned a route outside on the oval area. We wrote compass directions and gave the number of steps for distance. We then left a note at the end so the pair would know where they were headed.

Hailey and Sam

I thought that this activity was really fun and a great way to work together. We learnt alot about compasses and how they work to tell directions. The needle inside a compass is made from lodestone. The magnetic force around the world makes the compass needle turn and face north.


Hannah and Braden

We thought this maths activity definitely helped us to learn how a compass works. It was great to write and set out directions for others to use. It helped us work as a team co-operate better as well.

DSC_0567Chloe and Mark

Using compasses taught me a lot about directions and magnetism. It was fun giving directions to another group to locate our treasure. It certainly helped me to understand North, South, East and West.DSC_0565DSC_0572


Holly and Jon

We learnt about compasses are made and what makes them point north. The lodestone needle in the compass is drawn to the magnetic north pole of the earth.DSC_0568

Siobhon and Georgia

Today’s lesson was challenging. We had to learn how to use the compass and make sure we knew where north was. It was great planning a treasure hunt leaving notes along the way for another group to follow.DSC_0569



Tim and Imogen

It was great having our maths lesson outside today. It was a great way to learn and collaborate in pairs.DSC_0560

DSC_0561Vanessa and Riley

Gemma and MadeleineDSC_0562

DSC_0564James and Corinne