Positive Play

Across our school on a fortnightly basis we all join in together for Circle Time. It is organised in cross age groups from Prep to Year 6. Each collaborative group begins in a circle where we share things about ourselves, discuss positive behaviours and play games.

Today we played the balloon game. Students worked in pairs to try and keep their balloon off the ground. We added a twist whereby the pairs had to hold hands and still keep the balloon in the air.

DSCN3044 DSCN3045 DSCN3047 DSCN3043

The feedback from the game was that it built teamwork. The skills required were to take turns and only do small taps in the air. Some pairs found it difficult but in the end they all worked together and managed the task. It certainly was a fun, interactive game, which was evident from the smiles and laughter. It all added to the positive attitudes we are trying to instill in our Circle Time sessions.

Hexagonal Thinking

At the beginning of Inquiry Learning this term we used Hexagonal Thinking to explain what we already knew about Science and Physics concepts. Things we didn’t know about were put into the parking lot and other topics and concepts were linked to show what the students already knew.
As we are now half way through this term, it was time to revisit the Hexagons and see if our thinking and understandings had changed.
It was awesome to see the groups rearranging, questioning and clarifying their ideas.
Many were surprised by what they had learnt and could now explain their new understandings.
LISTEN to the reflections on their learning!

Physics Discoveries

Physics Investigations on PhotoPeach

I really enjoyed learning about gears and pulleys and how they work. It was great working with my partner Gemma. I liked how we presented our work and the style of the mini expo.
I learnt how lightning is formed and the different types of lightning. I enjoyed making a model and learning from other students.
I really enjoyed learning about water turbines and how they work. I enjoyed working with a partner also.
I found it interesting learning about light and batteries. I discovered how to create an electrical circuit. Our topic was interesting and it was great working with a partner. She had a very creative mind.
I think I did well and I liked working with Tully to learn about how solar panels work. He was a great partner to work with and we shared the information and research together. I also learnt about lighthouses and what’s inside them from Adam.
I learnt a lot of information about batteries and circuits. I enjoyed making a model also.

Physics Investigations on PhotoPeach

Using Compasses

Today we had fun experimenting with compasses. With a partner we planned a route outside on the oval area. We wrote compass directions and gave the number of steps for distance. We then left a note at the end so the pair would know where they were headed.

Hailey and Sam

I thought that this activity was really fun and a great way to work together. We learnt alot about compasses and how they work to tell directions. The needle inside a compass is made from lodestone. The magnetic force around the world makes the compass needle turn and face north.


Hannah and Braden

We thought this maths activity definitely helped us to learn how a compass works. It was great to write and set out directions for others to use. It helped us work as a team co-operate better as well.

DSC_0567Chloe and Mark

Using compasses taught me a lot about directions and magnetism. It was fun giving directions to another group to locate our treasure. It certainly helped me to understand North, South, East and West.DSC_0565DSC_0572


Holly and Jon

We learnt about compasses are made and what makes them point north. The lodestone needle in the compass is drawn to the magnetic north pole of the earth.DSC_0568

Siobhon and Georgia

Today’s lesson was challenging. We had to learn how to use the compass and make sure we knew where north was. It was great planning a treasure hunt leaving notes along the way for another group to follow.DSC_0569



Tim and Imogen

It was great having our maths lesson outside today. It was a great way to learn and collaborate in pairs.DSC_0560

DSC_0561Vanessa and Riley

Gemma and MadeleineDSC_0562

DSC_0564James and Corinne

National Tree Planting Day


Preparing for tree plantingSiobhon

On Friday was National Tree Day. We planted lots of trees with our prep buddies. We cleaned up all the leaves and we mulched all the garden beds. It made me feel excited that I was making a contribution to helping our environment.

Mulching the gardenHolly

During Friday we began planting some new trees around the oval next to the sandpit. We dug holes and filled them with new soil before placing in the new trees. We watered and mulched them to finish off. I felt happy because I was doing a good deed to help nature and to make our school more environmentally friendly.



Dirty working hands



Scarecrows in the Vegie Patch

Today our environment Team organised a scarecrow making day. It was a magnificent Spring day in Melbourne. As the sun shone through the budding oak trees, in our school garden, we worked together to create three scarecrows. We used recycled materials. The frame was nailed together and the hammering continued as we attached bottle tops to empty pots, to create the heads. The bodies were dressed in a variety of pre loved clothes. Carefully they were dug into position and are now proudly overlooking the vegie patch.
What a fabulous day of collaborating and helping each other in the garden. For some students it was their first time using a hammer and nails. It was a great learning experience.
We owe a BIG thanks to Ms Scott and The Environment Team for their wonderful organisation and assistance.

Kids learning from each other

As part of our inquiry unit this term on Cultural diversity, each student chose one olympic country that they would like to know more about.

It was a fantastic way to learn from our friends.
Everyone did such a great job with their presentations.
I enjoyed the variety of slideshows, prezis, powerpoints and posters.
I didn’t know that countries could be so different.

Collaborating in Maths

Today we revised what we kow about measuring PERIMETER and AREA. We used cubes to create rectangles, so that we could find the length and width. It was easy to measure the perimeter and build the whole area. Some students who were very confident, were then able to explain to others how they worked out the perimeter and the area using the formulas:
L x W= Area
Robbie=Colaboration is important because all working together we can share our ideas and improve on ideas. It builds our knowledge and helps us to solve problems.
Marcus-It was great to be able to teach other students. It makes it clearer for me and for others to understand.
Amy-I learnt that a perimeter is the outside measurement and the area is the inside surface that is measured. Using the materials and working together helped me to better understand what it means.

Family Maths Night

On Tuesday night our parents came to school for a Family Maths night. We all gathered in the Discovery Centre. It was a fantastic opportunity to show our parents what we do at school in maths.
It is very hands on, with lots of concrete materials and problem solving to help us learn.
We discovered many new things together and it was great to collaborate with other families to enhance our learning.