Our Prep buddies are learning to follow a procedure so we assisted them to follow the steps in making a balloon rocket.
The first step was to blow up a balloon and hold the end. The balloon was then attached to a straw. A string was then threaded through the straw. One end of the string was tied to a pole and the other was held up by a student. The balloon was now attached to the string. We pulled the string tightly and let go of the end of the balloon. It zoomed along the string.
We all discovered that the pressure from the release of the air pushed the balloon along, just like a rocket.
It was a fun way to learn with our buddies and teach them about Science and procedures.

Our Buddies

Today we visited our Prep buddies. We had a special surprise for them, a ‘buddy bear.’
They were very excited to receive them. The bears will remind them that they always have a friend to hug and keep them company. We talked about how we look out for each other and that we are always there to keep each other happy and safe. Later we ate lunch with our prep buddies. It was a lovely activity together.
Our Buddies’ Bears on PhotoPeach

Helping our Prep Buddies

Reading and Drawing with our Prep Buddies on PhotoPeach

Today was a great experience hearing our Prep buddies read for the first time. We helped them choose a new book and then read with them. It is wonderful to be able to help them with their learning. We also made handprints together and drew some pictures. It is a great feeling to be able teach the younger students new things.