Wire Figure Sculpture

Art is something the students look forward to every Thursday afternoon. We often take inspiration from Famous artists or other Art blogs. This week we were in search of art to build on our inquiry learning of the human body. We found these fantatsic models made from wire and foil, standing on coloured card with an imaginary shadow. They were fun and creative. Thanks to Doodles and Noodles Blogspot for this wonderful idea. http://doodles-and-noodles.blogspot.fr/2012/10/figurative-sculpture.html

Body models with shadows





Student Directed Learning

In groups we have researched and become experts on different body systems.
Each group presented their learning using posters, slideshows and oral talks, to share the new knowledge. Each group answered the questions:

  • What are the main parts of the system?
  • How does this system work?
  • How does this system contribute to the well being of my body?
  • How do I keep this system healthy?

Here is a snapshot of some of their outstanding work.

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Healthy Bodies

Welcome back to Term 2. Our Inquiry Learning this term will look at “How our personal choices impact our health.

We will also develop the following understandings:

  • The human body is a complex¬† system that can be affected by the choices we make
  • Each body system has a vital role in the healthy functioning of our body
  • We have a responsibility to make choices that are going to keep our bodies healthy

Our Visit to the Melbourne Museum

Our Visit to the Melbourne Museum and Imax on PhotoPeach

It was a fabulous day at Melbourne Museum and Imax. The human body exhibition showed the various systems that help our bodies to function. We discovered 3D models of the inside of the body, the skeleton and the brain.
The Human Body movie, at Imax, was as big as a 7 storey building. It was an incredible journey through the body and how it functions every day of our lives. We are learning so many new and exciting things about our bodies.