ACMI – Screenit Competition Awards

#acmiscreenit winners bullyingnoway on Twitpic
What a fabulous experience for Jess, Isabelle, Amy, Charlotte, Hannah, Chloe and Leah, to be able to attend the National ACMI Screenit Competition Awards Ceremony. The standard of entries was very high and we were so excited that their claymation “Proud 2 be me” won the Bullying No Way animation category. All of our students in grade 5 and 6 participated. It was a very challenging project but it was certainly worth it in the end.

Proud 2 Be Me

Isabelle has summed up beautifully on her blog the excitement that we all felt when we read the announcement of the winners for the ACMI Screen it Competetion.

By Isabelle“This post is about our clay mation video proud 2 be me!!!!!! During this year all of the seniors went on an excursion to ACMI in the city in Melbourne and they entered us all in a competition about belonging and over 1 month (I think it was around 1 month) at school we had to work on making a video for the competition. We had to choose out of making a live video, a animation (claymation) or a game. My group did a clay mation and we name it proud 2 be me!

Then a few weeks ago we found out we were in the finals out of all of victoria’s entries and we were also short listed and we where in the finalls for the bullying no way compotition!!!!!!

On Monday this week all of the seniors (5/6′s) came into one class room and went onto the website at 10:00am to see if we had won……….We kept scrolling down and our name didn’t apear for winning anything……until………… We got to the bottom of the page and it said winners for the “Bullying no way” Category and…………………………..the primary school winner was…………………………US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good job to everyone you sent an entry into the competition as well!!”

Excursion to ACMI

Today we ventured into the city on the train. We had a carriage to ourselves so we could spread out. We alighted the train at Flinders Street Station where we gathered under the clocks for a photo.
We crossed the road and went to Federation Square where we enjoyed our morning tea. After a quick play at Birrarungmar, we journeyed into ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.
We attended a lecture on Belonging, where we discussed our understanding of Belonging and Cultural Identity. This included a series of short films which were very entertaining.
Excursion to ACMI on PhotoPeach

Our task will be to create our own moving image, using film, animation or video game, to send a message of belonging.
The Screen it exhibition was the next part of the excursion where we could play with and discover the many different types of technolgy used in the making of film, TV, animation and games.
It was a fantastic day and we cant wait to get started on our own film making.