Term 2 Adventures, Experiences and Learning

This term we have been immersed in many life changing experiences. The incredible learning and knowledge will impact on us for the rest of our lives.

Overall I have found this term to be really inspiring and exciting. It has been filled with enjoyable activities like the excursion to meet Paul Spence. We have done a huge variety of Art and a mixture of different sports. I enjoyed our Inquiry learning because it gave us the chance to explore the Poverty around the world and to appreciate what we have. Learning this has really changed my life because now I know how lucky we are and what we can do to help others across the world. Our small contributions and actions can make a big difference to others in need.


I have enjoyed meeting all the amazing people this term, like Paul Spence. It was a great experience to meet him and learn all about his life in Africa. He shared many inspiring photos and stories with us.


I learnt more about Confirmation this term. I enjoyed the ceremony especially when we all processed in with our candles. It made me feel closer to God and I am now a full member of the Church.


I liked doing the inquiry and learning about poverty. I now know that I can help others and do so much more to make a difference in other people’s lives.


I loved going on the Social Justice day to the Kidsview conference, because I liked learning about what other people do around the world to help and now I will try to follow in their footsteps and make the world more socially just.


I enjoyed giving a grammar lesson to my class. I learnt a whole lot more about different types of grammar and I enjoyed being the teacher.


I really enjoyed learning about Confirmation because it was a great experience. It will prepare me for later in life. Receiving the gifts of the Spirit like Right Judgement, Knowledge, Reverence, Courage and Understanding will prepare me for later in life.


I loved teaching the Maths lesson about adding and subtracting fractions. It was a great experience because I got to share my knowledge about Fractions with the rest of the class. I felt happy and was very proud of my lesson.


One of the highlights of this term was making my Confirmation and becoming a full member of the Church. I now understand what it means. One of my favourite things was doing an action for Social Justice. I ran a competition for others to guess “How many lollies were in the jar?” I am raising money for the Homeless people. I am sad for those who are sleeping out in the cold so I hope that I can make a difference to their lives.


I loved this term and all the art that we did. I especially liked the Protractor Art which was inspired by Frank Stella. I love using all the different colours and shapes. It is great to be inspired by all the different artists. We also created 3D artworks using straight and curved lines to make a hand.



Visitors from the Philippines

Catherine from Bahay Tuluyan in the Philippines, which means ‘House of Welcome’ came to visit our school. She showed us how unfairly the worlds resources are shared and that all people are not treated equally. Gary and Aisa are two teenagers from the Philippines who lived on the streets. I could not imagine what that would be like. They wrote and performed a play called ‘The magic in us.’ It was about life on the streets and how they had to earn money selling rubbish just to buy food.

Yesterday a boy named Gary and a girl named Aisa came to our school and told us about life in the Philippines. They talked about the hardships of their childhood. Their life experiences made me feel so sad and greedy because of all the things that I have. Gary and Aisa did a play called “The Magic in us.” It made me feel emotional in many ways because they did such lovely actions. Gary and Aisa were very inspiring and I hope that they have a great life now that they are with Bahay Tuluyan.

The Sharing of the Chocolate game, struck me because it was a good way of representing the Truth about the inequality of how the world’s resources are shared. The part that struck me the most was the play that Gary and Aisa did to tell their story. It was incredible the experiences they had and the things they endured and yet both of them have come so far. It was sad that both of them missed out on having a proper education and how little money and food they could get. Living on the streets sounded very tough. Their few jobs around so both of them sold rubbish from the tip just to get money to buy food. They taught us to appreciate what we have.

This story really touched me from the bottom of my heart. It certainly opened my eyes and makes me realize how fortunate we really are. Imagine being in Gary and Aisa’s shoes for one day. Do you think that you would be able to survive?
From this experience I have learnt to never give up, appreciate what you have and remember that there is magic in all of us!

Social Justice Kids Conference

Social Justice Kids Conference on PhotoPeach

Leading on from the what we learnt at the Social Justice Conference we wanted to share our understandings of the hardships in the Philipines. We organised a whole school assembly to raise awareness for these kids. Everyone could wear free dress and donated toiletries and hygiene products to send to the Philipines.
We hope that by raising awareness we can all work towards building a more Just Society.