Winners at the Interschool Athletics!

Group Cheer
What a fabulous day we had at the Interschool Sports. We competed against 6 schools in a variety of Track and Field events. We had many personal bests in shot put, discus, high jump and hurdles. Our sprints and relays were also very succesful.

Matt and Rylee

There was great team spirit as we all cheered and encouraged each other.
Our greatest surprise at the end of the day was when the results were announced. There was only 47 points seperating all 6 teams and only 2 points between 1st and 2nd place. We were the champion team on the day. We proudly accepted the shield. Back at school we did a lap of honour and sang our school theme song.
It was an awesome experience!










Twilight School Sports

Last night there was great excitement, as we all gathered for a big Sports night, at BoxHill Athletics track. All students took part in the 100 metre sprints. It was optional to participate in the 200 metres and there was great excitement when Ngong beat Harry to take home the Principal’s Cup. Harry was successful in the Circular relay just beating Ngong, to claim victory in the last race of the night. The Opening ceremony was fun, as we all marched in, then Danced to to ACDC in “Long way to the Top.”

We all took part in Tabloid sports events, including the discus, shotput, tunnel ball and long jump.

Thanks for all the organisation of the night to Mr Crowe and Mr Campbell. It was a fabulous community event. Well done to the Red Team for winning overall.

Interschool Sports Champions

The nerves and energy levels were high as we boarded the bus, on our way to Knox Athletics track.
All the grade 4, 5 and 6 students were participating in a range of field and track events. We had been practicing every Friday all term so we were keen to test our skills at the huge track.
Everyone did their best and Harry was a star, breaking a 16 year old record in the 100 meter hurdles. We were achieving amazing results in all domains so we knew that it would be a close result in the end.
As the final scores were tallied and read aloud we were in the top 3. Everyone held their breath until the final announcement……we had won! Everyone jumped and screamed and cheered. Two of our captains received the trophy and flag. The team support, encouragement and spirit was commendable from our students. It had been a fabulous day for everyone involved.
by SeniorG