Silk Painting

We are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation this term. We each designed and created our own symbol that represented the significance and importance of Confirmation to us.

The first step was to draw the outline of our symbol in a pink texta. Next we used wax to draw on the silk and then finally we filled the design with colour. It was a wonderful experience creating this beautiful artwork together. The silk banners will be displayed in the Church on the night of our Confirmation.

Investigating 3D shapes

Today we completed our investigations of the features and characteristics of 3D shapes. We know that the points are called vertices and the edges are where two faces meet. The smooth flat surface is a face. When you open a shape out you can see its net. We enjoyed looking at the various 2D shapes of the nets and making our own shapes from nets.
Maths was more like art today when we used coloured icy pole sticks and blu tac to create our own 3D shapes. We studied the shapes from different perspectives and drew them. We even made shapes, using our bodies. We know that the 3 dimensions are height, width and length.
Do you know any other cool facts about 3D shapes?

Investigating 3D shapes from vgridley on Vimeo.

Helping our Prep Buddies

Reading and Drawing with our Prep Buddies on PhotoPeach

Today was a great experience hearing our Prep buddies read for the first time. We helped them choose a new book and then read with them. It is wonderful to be able to help them with their learning. We also made handprints together and drew some pictures. It is a great feeling to be able teach the younger students new things.

Welcome back to Term 4 !

We have had a very busy start to the term. This week we are preparing for our Art Show and 50th Anniversary celebrations.
We are all excited about celebrating with our local community. We have been learning about life in the ’60’s and what changes have occurred in the past 50 years.
Our art pieces are being displayed and we are very proud of our unique shoes.

Italian Day

Mama Mia!!! Brava Brava!  Molto Bene!!

Today was a sea of Red, White and Green as we all donned the Italian colours and celebrated many wonderful things that the Italian Culture has brought to Australia.

Our day began with a soccer clinic from two professional soccer players. We were amazed by their skills and brushed up on our own.

Next the whole school gathered in the Hall for an Italian Play called La Vacanze, about a trip to Italy, which included many catastrophes along the way. It was hilarious and full of slapstick humour.

After recess we competed in an Italian marathon, sketched places to visit around Italy then enjoyed pizza and gelati for lunch.

We cooked Italian bread, filled with jam, then played competitive games of soccer.

It was a fabulous day and we are very grateful for Signora Senzo’s great organisation.


These boots were made for walking…

Our blank canvas, or shoes, had been created and were ready for our our unique designs. We spent a few days, carefully applying a base colour and then added our more intricate details.
We are excited to see the colours and patterns come alive on our shoes. They will be placed into the Art Show early next term. We look forward to sharing the finished art pieces.