Creating Zentangles

Today in Art we used a special drawing technique called Zentangles. Inspired by a series of artworks and meditative music, we used black fine liners on white card to create these beautiful, abstract artworks.
It was a very peaceful lesson and the creativity and designs were quite diverse.

Creating Zentangles on PhotoPeach

Zentangles are miniature pieces of abstract, black and white art created through simple, structured patterns called tangles.
Zentangles are not only beautiful, they are fun and relaxing to create.
The process of creating a Zentangle is a form of “artistic meditation” as you become engrossed in making each pattern. Students let their imagination take over. The pattern combinations are endless. 
The Zentangle method increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being.
Zentangle is simply wonderful patterns working harmoniously together.

Away With The Birds

Every Thursday is Art Day in our class. This term we have focussed on Surrealism and using vibrant colours. Today’s art task was to find an image of a beautiful bird to inspire our imagination. On black paper we applied metallic and bright coloured oil pastel. AS you can see we created magnificent artworks featuring our birds.

Vibrant Birds on PhotoPeach

African Mask Making

Thursday afternoon art is always engaging. The students enjoyed the challenge of creating a symmetrical African mask. WE studied a variety of masks from Africa to cultivate our understanding and inspire creativity. The designs are beginning to look great already. WE will add backing paper and finishing touches to them next week, so that we can present them at the School Art Show.

Wire Figure Sculpture

Art is something the students look forward to every Thursday afternoon. We often take inspiration from Famous artists or other Art blogs. This week we were in search of art to build on our inquiry learning of the human body. We found these fantatsic models made from wire and foil, standing on coloured card with an imaginary shadow. They were fun and creative. Thanks to Doodles and Noodles Blogspot for this wonderful idea.

Body models with shadows





Inspirational Art

We enjoy taking inspiration from famous Australian artists to create our own works of art. Today Fred Williams was our inspiration. He loved to paint the rich colours of Australian rainforests. We used brush techniques for the background and cardboard edges dipped in black paint to design the trees.
It was fun and messy but the results were amazing.

Fred Williams “Sherbrooke Forest”

Excursion to Parliament House Victoria and NGV

Parliament House Victoria & NGV on PhotoPeach

What a wonderful start to the year with a visit to Parliament House. We were given a guided tour of the Upper and Lower Houses, discovering the roles of the Ministers and sitting in the Chair of the Premier. We were lucky enough to meet the Victorian Premier Denis Napthine and Hugh Delahunty MP. The architecture is incredible. It was built during the gold rush so most rooms are decorated with gold leaf plating. We learnt about the various Premiers throughout History, the new laws that have been made and how a bill is passed into Parliament.

Following the tour we journeyed down to Federation Square where the NGV Ian Potter Gallery displays contemporary Artworks. We discovered art made in icing by the Hotham Street Ladies. It is so clever how they have made rugs, pizza boxes and cushions out of icing. There were artworks that told stories of indigenous culture and there was a creature holding an old lady that was very lifelike.

Our final stop was at birrarung marr park, for lunch and a play on the playground. What a fantastic day! Our tour guides congratulated our students on their deep thinking, good questions and amazing insight into art and politics. We are set for a great term of learning!

African Art

This spectacular art was inspired by the colours and nature of Africa. We used ink to create the colourful backgrounds and various pastels, crayons, chalk and textas to create the wild animals. We are concerned about the environmental dangers affecting the African biomes and we hope that our beautiful artworks will inspire everyone to think about their own impact on the environment.

African Art on PhotoPeach

African Art on PhotoPeach

Illustrator visit – Sue deGennaro

Button boy

There was great excitement at school this week when Sue deGennaro came to visit. She is the illustrator of the childrens’ book “Button Boy.”
She shared her story of becoming an illustrator only 7 years ago. Sue told us that she was always drawing in her spare time, when she wasn’t flying on the trapeze at the circus. Sue is very talented.
We discovered that it takes 6 or 7 drafts until her pictures are just right. Sue makes many copies, altering the colour, detail and characters in the illustrations.
We were given step by step instructions on how to create the little boy from ‘Button Boy’ walking along and Grandma playing with her needle and thread.


Sue explained she made a dummy book to check that the text and pictures worked together. We discovered that by changing the position of the eyes on a face can alter the whole mood of the character.


We also learnt that shadows can add movement to the character and bring it to life. WE love learning these tips from Sue and look forward to using them when we design our own characters for our upcoming narratives.


Term 2 Adventures, Experiences and Learning

This term we have been immersed in many life changing experiences. The incredible learning and knowledge will impact on us for the rest of our lives.

Overall I have found this term to be really inspiring and exciting. It has been filled with enjoyable activities like the excursion to meet Paul Spence. We have done a huge variety of Art and a mixture of different sports. I enjoyed our Inquiry learning because it gave us the chance to explore the Poverty around the world and to appreciate what we have. Learning this has really changed my life because now I know how lucky we are and what we can do to help others across the world. Our small contributions and actions can make a big difference to others in need.


I have enjoyed meeting all the amazing people this term, like Paul Spence. It was a great experience to meet him and learn all about his life in Africa. He shared many inspiring photos and stories with us.


I learnt more about Confirmation this term. I enjoyed the ceremony especially when we all processed in with our candles. It made me feel closer to God and I am now a full member of the Church.


I liked doing the inquiry and learning about poverty. I now know that I can help others and do so much more to make a difference in other people’s lives.


I loved going on the Social Justice day to the Kidsview conference, because I liked learning about what other people do around the world to help and now I will try to follow in their footsteps and make the world more socially just.


I enjoyed giving a grammar lesson to my class. I learnt a whole lot more about different types of grammar and I enjoyed being the teacher.


I really enjoyed learning about Confirmation because it was a great experience. It will prepare me for later in life. Receiving the gifts of the Spirit like Right Judgement, Knowledge, Reverence, Courage and Understanding will prepare me for later in life.


I loved teaching the Maths lesson about adding and subtracting fractions. It was a great experience because I got to share my knowledge about Fractions with the rest of the class. I felt happy and was very proud of my lesson.


One of the highlights of this term was making my Confirmation and becoming a full member of the Church. I now understand what it means. One of my favourite things was doing an action for Social Justice. I ran a competition for others to guess “How many lollies were in the jar?” I am raising money for the Homeless people. I am sad for those who are sleeping out in the cold so I hope that I can make a difference to their lives.


I loved this term and all the art that we did. I especially liked the Protractor Art which was inspired by Frank Stella. I love using all the different colours and shapes. It is great to be inspired by all the different artists. We also created 3D artworks using straight and curved lines to make a hand.