Homework term 4 – weeks 7, 8, 9


Reading and responding to the text!

Please continue to read every night and record it in your diary.



Times Tables-Record them as inverse operations (using division)


Federation Square – Geometry Activity

  1. Create a document in Maths Folder.
  2. Select your own image of Federation Square.
  3. Annotate all the features of the building.
  4. Record measurements, shapes, lines, angles and transformations.
  5. Create your own word problem based on the picture.
  6. Share the problem with a friend.



Add to your notes, creating one or more pages for each year level.

Please find some school photos from home that you would like to include in your memories book.

Year 5 Memories

It would be great for you to record the highlights of Year Prep to 5. This will be especially useful for you next year. Save it in your Literacy Folder



Please work on your final PLT, that will focus on a BIOME from around the world, a global goal and respond to our Rich and Sub questions.

PLTΒ Must haves:

  1. Appropriate global development goal for the topic
  2. Evidence of research from a variety of resources, about topic
  3. Reference to one or more Catholic Social Teaching goals
  4. Answer the rich question and a sub question
  5. Action to be taken to raise awareness or make contribution


36 thoughts on “Homework

  1. This is a great idea, as it will cut down on the paper we use to print and distribute homework.
    I like it!

    Ms Scott

  2. Hello Mrs Gridly

    I have a question, for the extra words it’s got entertainment-entertaining is that count as 1 word in the spelling test or 2 words.
    See you later.

    From JonathanπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  3. Hi Daniel,
    we are trying to reduce the amount of paper that we use at school and at home. Each night you are able to go onto the blog and write down 1 task from the contract. If this is too difficult we will discuss what we can do to make it easier. I am very pleased that we can now reduce 47 sheets of paper from our usage for the week.
    Mrs Gridley

  4. Dear Mrs.Gridley,
    Hannah and I made a project on semi colons and colons last week does that count as that task about it?

  5. Corinne,
    the posts on your blog just need a note made about it in your homework book.
    Yes I would like to find out what you remember about colons and semi colons and some examples of when to use them,
    Mrs gridley

  6. WOW that: Maths Problem Solving How many Squares on a Chessboard task is harder than you think I just did it with my mum and for a minute I didn’t know what she was talking about !!!! But then I got back on track and after a lllooonnnggg time we FINALLY FINISHED!
    This task was a real challenge.

  7. I agree with Nic, I did the square one and I thought I had the answer and then I realised i forgot to do a whole step.

  8. Hey Mrs. Gridley for the diigo task. it says to “Review the site” dose that mean we write a small review about it in our books OR dose it mean to just check out the web???

  9. Hey Mrs Gridley,
    This weeks homework with the family tree and others, do we do all of them or just one of them?
    Mother Nature

  10. Hi Mrs Griderly I like the geting the homework off the computer it saves paper which is like our topic this term and all the posts are really good. Keep up the good work.


    PS. this counts as a homework task right!?

  11. Hey Mrs Gridley,
    Just wandering for our oral presentation, is it okay if I talk and do mine about palm oil and sustainable products?

  12. Its very good putting our homework on Kids jig (Our blog) because like other people have said, It probably will save a lot of paper that we usually would use through-out the year. Ms Scott should do that too!! Also all the other teachers -_-

  13. Hi seniors,
    I think that this blog idea is good because it saves paper
    And we don’t need to use energy to recycle it.
    It was a great idea Mrs.Gridley!


  14. Hi Mrs Gridley with the ICT homework task week challenge number 2 when we did the ‘must-sees of Melbourne’ which is part of the week 2 challenge does it count as a homework task?


  15. Hi Mrs. Gridley-

    I am so excited to have you visit our class blog–and in turn be able to visit yours. I do love all of the photos you’ve posted. Some of my students aren’t permitted to have their photos on the blogs, so I don’t post as many as I’d like. I did take a rather raucous video of one of my blocks singing and dancing during their Spanish lesson. You’ve inspired me. I will have to add this zaniness to my blog this week! πŸ™‚ Plus, you’ve reminded me to upload all of the photos I’ve been taking on my phone during our group projects.

    All the best to you and your class! Please stop by and say hello again. I’ll be back to visit again soon. πŸ™‚

    Love the new uniforms! πŸ™‚

    Martha Rombach

  16. Hi Mrs Gridley,

    Is there any spelling this week?
    I was just wondering that because I wasn’t at school on Monday.

    Laura πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Chloe,
    it is similar to what you did in first term-giving a speech about your world religion. Just write out the main points from your research and tell us about the religion. Then make cue cards and practise saying the speech.
    I hope that helps,

  18. Hi Mrs Gridley,
    I really enjoyed having the body expo.
    It helped me to understand about how our body works, how we can keep it healthy and how personal choice impacts on our wellbeing.
    Also I can’t wait for next Term! Are we doing chemistry?

  19. Sorry a few spelling mistakes.
    Hi Senoir G,
    This term has been great and the topic I chose was Football.
    The Boys Footy team started off really well and we won the first three games, then it all went downhill when we lost to Highvale and then lost to Huntingtower, we tried our best but the other schools were better on the day.
    Overall the Footy team was one of the best parts of this term.

  20. Hello Senior G,
    One of my favourite events from term 2 was when we had the interschool sports. I played netball. At first I was very nervous but after winning the first couple of games I became more confident. Playing our last game was so much fun after winning all of our games so far although it was a shame that it was our last! Overall we won all of our game and were the champions of our division, the undefeated team. Everyone played awesome and tried their hardest and all their hard work paid off!

    Well done netball A!!!!

  21. hey mrs gridley
    The home work blog was a great idea because when cut down on paper which helps the environment and save money. but just some cool feed back if kids can’t get on the computer at home I think they should get a sheet.

  22. Hi
    I think that the Chromebooks are a really good idea.
    They are much faster than the netbooks and can be used for many things.
    Also they are AWESOME!

  23. Hi Mrs.Gridley
    I was wondering about the inquiry task where you have to write the news report.
    Can you use it for your inquiry presentation?

  24. It looks like you had fun on your hour of code.We did it too it was awesome.What were some of your favorite code to do?Hope we get to do it again

  25. Hi Mrs Gridley,
    For homework, the task about Power Play, do we have to do it? I have heard from many people that it is violent and it is hard to get on to.
    Thanks Bridie

  26. Hi Mrs Gridley
    When you went away we looked on Senior MY’s blog and they had six tasks on there and on here there are only five. Do I do five or six?

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