Marvellous Measuring in Maths

This week in Maths we were involved in a rotation of collaborative activities in measurement.
We explored:
-Speed and Power
We all enjoyed the cooking because we made our own bread. It was very sticky rubbing it in our fingers but it was great to measure, seive and combine all of the ingredients.
We discovered the difference and similarities between volume and capacity. We compared our heights and weights. We also had fun with water measuring with different containers and finding out about millilitres and litres.
It was a fun and creative learning experience, working in teams and sharing our discoveries.

Thinking about our goals

Today we did some deep thinking about our academic goals for this term. Here are some of our achievable goals:
* improving my handwriting
* increase the size and detail in my persuasive writing
* develop my mental maths skills
* take my time reading and develop my comprehension skills
* improve my spelling
* organise my homework better
* focus in class and use my time effectively
* become an expert in maths
* get more involved in class discussions
* read more chapter books
* develop my joins in cursive writing
* use more adjectives in my writing
I know that everyone put a lot of thought into setting their personal goals and how they will achieve them. Now it’s up to them…
Good luck Senior G!

How does our Solar System work?

Through personalised inquiries the students have been teaching and learning about Space, the Planets and our Solar System. During the afternoons the students have begun sharing their presentations. They have not only benefited from the peer tutoring but they are developing their Public Speaking skills also. It has been a fantastic collaborative activity.
Riley chose to investigate the planets and their role in our Solar System.

Helping our Prep Buddies

Reading and Drawing with our Prep Buddies on PhotoPeach

Today was a great experience hearing our Prep buddies read for the first time. We helped them choose a new book and then read with them. It is wonderful to be able to help them with their learning. We also made handprints together and drew some pictures. It is a great feeling to be able teach the younger students new things.

What would happen if a meteorite hit the earth?

The students have set their own Inquiry by choosing a topic about space then researching a Rich Question. James wanted to find out more about Meteors and the effects of a meteor hit on earth. It has been fantastic to see the students involved in personal investigations, setting their own challenges and the excitement about discovering the answers to their own questions. We are looking forward to all their presenatations later in the week.

Students discover the Planets
What are the features of Mercury?
Mercury is a very interesting planet. Mercury is the smallest of all the planets in our Solar System and it is the fastest moving planet. Mercury rotates every 88 earth days and rotates every 48 km around the sun. Mercury is one of the hottest planets in the solar system as it is closest to the sun. It is up to about 450 degrees C.
Mercury has a rocky landscape and it’s made out of rock. Even though mercury is the smallest of all plants it’s a very heavy planet. Scientists think it’s because it’s made of iron in the centre of the planet. This planet has huge cliffs and scientists thought they had found ice on Mercury but they are not sure they did. Mercury has a huge crater on its surface.
Mercury was named after the ancient Greek god Hermes but the Romans later named it after their God, Mercury.
Mercury is easy to see in the early morning and it’s easy to see at night too. It is a fascinating planet and it is wonderful to see.
by Hailey

Mars Rover Landing

For many years I have been wondering if Aliens existed. I am about to tell you what they have recently discovered on Mars.
On August 5th 2012, NASA sent a Rover to Mars to discover if there is life, take photos and collect samples from the ground to see what it is made of. The shuttle that took the Rover there travelled at 13,200 miles per hour and it took over 8 months to get there.
The Rover was powered by nuclear power and it landed safely inside a crater on mars called the Gale crater. The Odyssey satellite was there also and sent pictures back to earth to show its safe arrival.
It was a great mission but I am still wondering whether they will ever find life on Mars.
by Fintan

100 Word Challenge THE PANCAKES

It was early one cold morning. I woke up and went downstairs where I noticed our dog Milo begging for the pancake that Mum was flipping. Once more Mum flipped the pancake but it missed the frying pan and fell straight onto Milo’s begging face, which was no longer begging. Milo jumped up joyfully and excitedly and took the lightly cooked pancake out of our sight and carried it through the door to the back garden. Mum continued flipping pancakes more carefully while I sat down enjoying my own. Milo came back in with a big grin on his face.
by Hannah

My Mum flipped the pancake up but it got stuck on the ceiling. It knocked the lights so it broke. The butter and flour then fell all over Mum, so Dad said, “Let’s eat Mum. She looks tasty.” “No,” said my sister Bella. “I dont want to be cooked, flipped and eaten.” We all laughed as Dad was only joking. My other sister Georgia then came down the stairs and asked what everyone was laughing about. Just then the pancake on the ceiling fell and landed on Georgia’s head. Soon she was laughing with all of us as well.
by Gemma

It was pancake Tuesday and my Mum had come into the classroom to help make some pancakes. This was really bad. Last year Mum came in to help and it was a disaster. Mum burnt the pancakes and then forced everyone to eat them. Mrs Gridley said that it was the yummiest pancake that she had ever had but I could tell by the look on her face that she didn’t like it. Mum came walking to our classroom but luckily the frying pan and the mixture were all ready to go. Mum poured in the first batch. Mum flipped the pancake up but it landed on the roof. We all laughed. The rest of the pancakes were handed out. For once Mum had made delicious pancakes.
by Jonathon

Yesterday was Pancake Tuesday and for my breakfast I had pancakes. As I sat down to eat Mum flipped the pancake up but it was really black. I said to Mum that I would not eat that black pancake. So she made me another one. The next time she burnt both sides so I asked my sister to make one. It was gold and soft. I ate it up with maple syrup and icing sugar. It was the best pancake ever. I love eating pancakes.
by Holly

It was Pancake Tuesday and everyone’s mouths were watering, but as the Teacher arrived she told us that she forgot the Pancake ingredients. Then suddenly in walked my Mum with her embarassing ‘I LOVE COOKING’ Chef’s hat on. She had brought her own pancakes. Everyone was laughing at me. Mum started cooking and she was whistling while she cooked. Mum flipped up the pancake but it was covered in honey so it stuck to the dirty ceiling. Mum got out some more flour but she tripped and it went all over the teacher just as the pancake fell and landed on the teachers head. She was furious but now I was laughing too.
by Nicholas

One day Mum flipped a pancake up but it had a face on it. It was evil but Mum did not know. Mum could not stop making pancakes. I yelled at Mum to STOP! But you love pancakes was her reply. I showed her that they were evil. The pancakes jumped up and told us that they had come to destroy our planet. They wanted to make every pancake evil. Mum and I looked at each other then we quickly put the pancakes on our plates, covered them in jam and ate them all up. Now there are no more evil pancakes…well not that we know of!
by Riley

Mum flipped the pancake up but the dog jumped up and got it and the crowd
yelled HOWZAT but that was only from the TV in the background. Mum got SO angry
and yelled at the dog for a stealing the pancake but then she began to laugh. I thought that it was really funny too so Mum tried to do it again but the dog fell asleep because the pancake had made him tired. SO Mum walked off and left me with a plate of pabcakes. I got to put cocoa on my stack of pancakes and it was the best thing that I had ever tasted.

I have a Dream

As students develop their Leadership skills this week and prepare for Nomination Speeches, we inspired them today with Martin Luther King’s Speech – “I have a dream.”

Not only did it encourage them to stand up for what is right and just but also for what they truly believe in.

We are looking forward to hearing their Speeches tomorrow.

Do you have a dream for our World?

Out of This World in 2013

This week we welcome our new class of students to Senior G. We have all enjoyed a long hot summer holiday and are ready to begin a new year of learning.
After a week of Leadership Training, our deep inquiry unit will be ‘Out of This World’ as we begin with Space exploration, inventions and discovery.
We look forward to sharing our questions and discoveries with you as we continue our blogging journey.