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Blogging is a wonderful opportunity to bring the world into our classroom.  We acknowledge the need for correct cybersafety behaviour and netiquette including the following draft guidelines.

  • All comments are to be positive and encouraging.
  • Posts written by students are checked by teachers before they are published on the blog.
  • Posts will not include personal details about students such as surnames, addresses and family information.
  • All comments are moderated before being made public.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child.
  • All students must abide by general internet acceptable use policies of our school 

These guidelines are under review.

17 thoughts on “Blog guidelines

  1. Hello from Broome just thought I would send a warm hello your way. My name is Carolyn im Adam’s auntie and we are living in Broome for 3 years. It is a very different place it takes a little time to settle in but boy have we blended in after 10 months up here. We love the warm weather we keep wathing the weather down in Victoria and we are glad we are up here with this lovely sun shine. Broome is just a simple little place with a lot of heart the people are just so kind and friendly. We love the beach life, fishing and all the different things Broome has to offer. We are celerating the 40th year of the ‘Shinju Matsuri festival of the Pearl’,it’s to celebrate and acknowledge Broome’s unique culture, history and welcoming spirit. we have been to two events which have been great fun.Our two boys are enjoying school up here very different from Ocean Grove but it has been great for them to see and learn different things. Broome has many different cultures living here, the boys just had a NADIOC week to learn the abrigional culture which they enjoyed very much. We hope you look on a map and find where Broome is if you dont all ready know bye for now Carolyn

  2. Dear Mrs. Gridley and Junior G,
    We are going to Skipton Primary School until our house is finished. I like it here but I miss my St. Lukes’ friends. It has been flooding here and we saw the ABC News helicopter. I hope one day I can talk to you on skype but we haven’t got it yet. I hope you have fun at playtime and lunchtime. See you friends,
    from Adam.

  3. Hello Verona and the juniors at St Luke’s
    I’d had a great time this afternoon reading your blog. I go to lots of schools in Melbourne and what your are learnig about is just FANTASTIC!!!! I think you are SOOOOOOOOO CLEVER to be able to use the new technologies. Being able to skype all over the world is a wonderful way to connect with other students and teachers. Netx time I come to St. Luke’s I would love to come and see what you are doing for myself.
    Stephanie Eynon

  4. What an amazing blog! It was so inspiring to see the learning that’s happening in your school. My grade 3/4’s and I are just beginning to blog, and we love seeing the incredible work that other classes are doing all around the world.
    Thank you for sharing. Keep up the fantastic work, and please feel free to visit our blog at and leave feedback for us.
    Warm regards
    Emma Rutherford
    St. Kevin’s Primary School

  5. Hi Mrs Gridley and Junior G,

    I really enjoyed checking out your blog and seeing all of the wonderful things that you have learnt about Mini Beasts and Bees. I also had a great time feeding and playing with Tony the turtle.

    from Diana

  6. Hi Ms Gridley and Juniors,

    I am happy to report that your new enquiry on food is working wonders in our household and I am happy to inform that Cooper T ate all his vegies tonight!!!!

    Great Job Junior G

    Cooper T’s Mum xxx

  7. Hi Junior G,
    Just watched the video on Jacqui sharing her knowledge on all foods that are good!!!I love that we should all be eating rainbows what a lovely way to put our marvelous colourful foods….So not only can we sing a rainbow we can eat them aswell….YUMMY

  8. Sunflower art looks interesting ruby and I like van gogh’s colors too. I wonder what made him mad Mark? I know the song you have put on your blog but had never seen it attached to Van Gogh’s art before. I really enjoyed watching and listening – a good start to my day. Thanks chris

  9. Looks like you had fun last year on your hour of code and want to do it again .What was your favorite part about it?

  10. Hi It looks like you guys have a fun class! I wonder, do you wear school uniforms cause our class doesn’t.

  11. Hello, I’m Taylor one of your quad blogging friends from the USA.
    I am just going to ask a few questions about your school, well here they are!
    I would like to know if you guys wear school uniforms, we don’t if you want to know. Also what type of animals do you have there? Anyways that all for now,

  12. I am very greatful to be visiting your website, I am with Ute Pass Elementary in the U.S . I think when I feel comfortable with leaving the U.S I will visit Australia!

  13. Hi Jackson,
    Thanks for visiting. Yes we wear a uniform. It is much easier than deciding what to wear ever day!

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