Infographics – telling stories with images and text

This week, we are going to be looking at another way to present the findings of our research. We are always keen to present our learning in interesting and engaging ways and Infographics might be the perfect tool in some cases. Infographics provide visual summaries of a series of facts. They tell a story with words and pictures. They are harder to create than you might think as they require lots of preparation of facts (research), sorting of information (analysing), planning for presentation (presenting).

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Infographics could be used as a great way to summarise our learning – we will look for opportunities when they would be just the tool we need.

We wonder if any of our blogging friends have made their own Infographic?

What tool did you use to make them?

Do you have any tips for us?

Social Bookmarking while learning History lessons

In Term 3, we will be exploring elements of our past and the stories that create history. There are many resources available on the internet and it is important that we learn to use them critically (not trust everything we read).  We will be experimenting with two tools that help us organise and share on-line resources : EduClipper and Diigo.

Both these tools allow us to share a resource or site with our class mates, tag it (more on that later) and make comments on what we think about the information it provides. All students have accounts for both services.





History can be interpreted differently by different people. When looking at any new resource, it is important to consider:

What do you know about the person who created this source?
Think about: • age • gender • occupation • position in society • religious background.
What was life like when this source was created?
Think about: • significant events • political environment • common prejudices • social norms.
What is the creator’s purpose? Why did they create this work?
Was it to: • influence people? • sell something? • tell their version of events?

Source : State Library of Victoria :

Geography Games

How do different cultures enrich our community?

We need to know about the countries of the world, where they are, what continent they are in etc.   So we played a fun game called Geography game.    We loved using the atlases to help us work out where the countries are.   We realised there are so many countries in Africa – that one took ages.    We really enjoyed using the atlases and playing this game.




Our Learning Journey

This term, we are learning about other cultures.  We want to answer the big question

How do different cultures enrich our community?

We will be using many skills to learn about the cultures that make up our classroom and school.   We hope to find out how our lives are better because we all come from different places.

To demonstrate what we are doing, we will create a Learning Journey.


Our display

Our display