Exploring Capacity and Volume

Learning in the great outdoors is always fun and memorable. We were revising our understanding of Capacity and Volume, while using an assortment of containers to solve problems.Capacity and Volume DSCN3517

The Volume of an object is the amount of space that it takes up. It can be measured in cubic millimeters, centimetres or metres.


Capacity is the amount that a container can hold. It can be measured using millilitres or litres.

DSCN3519 DSCN3520


I have a great understanding of what millilitres are. I am able to estimate the capacity of different containers.

I found out that the 250ml jug had to be refilled and emptied 16 times to fill the bucket so the bucket has a 4 litre capacity.

DSCN3521We used an A4 sheet of paper to make a tall cylinder and a short wide cylinder. We then filled both cylinders with centicubes. Although the main surface area of both cylinders was the same the capacity was quite different. I now understand that the surface area of a container may look the same but its capacity will be different.



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