Wildlife of Africa

Driving through the natural habitats of the African parkland in Madikwe, it is wonderful to witness the animals grazing, playing and sleeping from dawn until dusk. I was lucky enough to spend a week on safari, discovering the rich wildlife of this South African conservation Reserve.


Rhinos are under threat from poachers who kill them for their horns, to use in Asian medicines.


Hippos are the deadliest animals in the world, killing more humans than snakes, sharks or crocodiles.


Vervet monkeys enjoy the cool riverside trees.DSC03075

Cape buffalo roam around in herds, showing off their majestic horns.


Southern Yellow hornbills are a beuatiful bird and are usually found in pairs.DSC03106

Elephants are thriving in the Reserves and numbers are increasing at an alarming rate.DSC03172

Giraffes are such a fascinating creature and stretch up to reach the highest branches.DSC03205

The wildebeest travel in herds and are often found near waterholes.


The water buck travel in family groups.DSC03251

The lions lazed around sleepily i the mornings after a long night of feasting.DSC03291

The zebras each have a unique set of stripes.DSC03367The mongoose were very friendly and bravely feed near homes.
DSC03552The black sable are increasing and roam the grassy plains.

The magnificent oryx proudly struts through bush land. DSC03557 DSC03637

The cheetahs have just gorged themselves, feasting on a freshly caught impala.


This rhino was resting in the shade of a tree before being disturbed.
DSC03912The cheeky hyena, usually a scavenger, was seen harassing the baby elephants.


7 thoughts on “Wildlife of Africa

  1. Dear VGRIDELY, I like your piece of writing, I would love to know what is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a cheetah also they are EXTREMELY fast. I think you could improve by using a two a sentence here is an example:
    Quick and spotty, a cheetah stalks it’s prey before pouncing and ripping it to shreds. If you could write a two a sentence that would be amazing. Two a stands for two adjectives, so you put two of them at the beginning of the sentence. Please visit our blog at http://ribbledriveprimary.net/yearsix2015/. We live in England and our teacher Mrs Duxbury knows a teacher in your school.

  2. Hi VGRIDELY, it sounds like you had an amazing time driving through the natural habitats of the animals in Africa, I love how you have included lots of facts about the animals. Maybe next time use adjectives to describe the animals and their manner, for example: The lazy cheetah dazed in the shade of the bushy tree and snoozed in the lengthy grass. Maybe visit our blog, ribbledriveprimary.net year 6.

  3. My favorite African animal is the zebra. They use the stripes so that when they stampede it is hard to see the different individual zebras.

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