How are we called to care for our World?

Throughout this term we will be building our understanding of :

  • How to act responsibly and sustainably
  • To know that our actions impact on the environment
  • Develop an appreciation for the environment and living things

We will also explore these questions-

  1. How can we change what we do to have a positive impact for the future?
  2. What are my environmental responsibilities in being a global citizen?
  3. How do people interact with different environments?
  4. Why do we need to care for environments?
  5. How do environments change?
  6. How do living things interact within an eco-system?
  7. What effect do our actions have on the environment?
  8. Why do we need to develop sustainable practices?
  9. How are the world’s environments at risk?

Our initial understandings include:


We could be caring about our world by planting new plants and trees in our backyards.


I think that we need to care for our world by simply not harming it and respecting it more.


The Pope is spreading the word that we all need to care for the environment.

This video inspired our thinking about being Stewards of Creation!


Many countries are trying to stop global warming by not polluting and creating less greenhouse gases.


I think that we need to take care of our native animals and respect their habitats. The earth is not just our home  but it is home to many species of animals also.


I think that it is disturbing that many people don’t care about what happens to the earth so we all need to spread the word about how to care for our world.


People litter too much. They are too lazy to throw rubbish in the bin. We need to educate people about recycling and not littering the earth.


We should limit how many trees can be cut down each year.


We can all help the world by putting rubbish in bins, recycling and using less electricity.


WE are all called to care for our world by making better choices like walking instead of taking the car.


I could make my neighbours aware about cleaning up our area and creating less rubbish.


I try to reuse, upcycle, reduce rubbish and compost.



2 thoughts on “How are we called to care for our World?

  1. I agree that people need to start getting aware that our environment is polluted. Everyone can help, by simply just throwing away their trash, and riding a bicycle for a day instead of driving a car.

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