Reflecting on our Inquiry Learning

Australia’s Story has grown and developed as there were the indigenous Australians who took care of the land and then white settlers came and changed the country. Many immigrants came and brought new cultures. Visiting the Immigration Museum helped me to learn more about Australia’s migrant history and the many ways they have contributed to our way of life today.

Australia’s story has grown and developed because so many significant people have followed their dreams and made a difference. What made an impact on my learning was interviewing my Grandma and learning more about my family history.

Jacob M
Australia wouldn’t be like it is today without so many Significant Australians. Learning about these people helped me to understand how Australia’s story has changed and developed throughout history.

Australia wouldn’t be what it is today without so many people who took on challenges and made a real difference to our way of life.

Jacob F
The Multicultural diversity of Australia has expanded our society and added to the way we live. Throughout history certain events have impacted our culture, like the Gold Rush, which gave workers new rights and developed our Government and Laws.

Riley O
From our early beginnings of building towns and cities the gold rush forged the way for developing Australia. We now have money for developing many things, like a great education system and all our towns and cities.

Significant Australians like John Curtin have helped to shape Australia’s story. He led us successfully through World War 2.

Many cultures have influenced the Australian way of life. The Chinese brought vegetable markets to Victoria. We are a healthy nation because of all the fresh food that we grow and the different cultural foods that we eat. Watching films about early explorers has impacted my learning this term.

So many Australians make good choices to follow their dreams and make things happen to impact Australia’s story. Janet Holmes a Court supported poor people to learn new skills and get an education. She made a real difference in caring for the homeless.
Learning from other students about the many significant Australians has helped me to learn more about Australia’s history. It also drove me to be better in my own presentation and research.

Many immigrants have come to Australia for a better life. We are now a more diverse culture and many different races work happily and live sided by side, adding to Australia’s story. Visiting the Immigration Museum has impacted my learning, finding out about what happens around the world that forces people to flee their countries and come to Australia.

So many people have made a big difference to Australia’s way of life. It was great to learn about our history and how significant Australians have changed our country’s story.

Many people have made a difference to our society and how it has grown and changed. It was great to learn about all the different types of people who make Australia a better place to live.

Everyone in Australia makes a difference, especially those who stand up for what they believe in and who are supporting the rights of everyone. Vida Goldstein stood up for Women’s rights and changed Australia to make it a better place for all women.

The people who have collected research about our country and shared the stories have enriched Australia’s story. We began as an alternative prison for English and Irish convicts. We are now inhabited by many races and cultures. I have learnt about many significant Australians and my classmates family stories and how they have impacted on Australia.

The different Prime Ministers throughout Australia’s History have made an impact on our history. People like John MacArthur and his wife Elizabeth, influenced Australian agriculture by bringing sheep to Australia. I enjoyed learning about Famous Australians. Dressing up and presenting their stories made it feel more real and enriched how we were learning about them and and how they changed Australia’s history.

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