Pyjama Day – Raising awareness for the Homeless


Dear diary,

I am all alone, sleeping on the street all night. I could not afford to pay the rent for my house, that’s why I’m here. People have been walking past, ignoring me. I feel very depressed not having any food or water. Sometimes, people tease me by eating right in front of me and throwing the crumbs from their food. As my writing is very messy, I haven’t written a sign to tell people that I need help because I think they won’t understand it. I am also feeling very sick because of this cold weather, and can’t afford any medicine. Yesterday, three kids came up to me and gave me what they called a “Homeless Swag” which was a bed that folded up into a backpack. They said that they had been saving up $85 to buy it. I couldn’t thank them enough, they had made such a big impact on my life!

from Peter V

PJ day-Homelessness

Dear Diary,

Happy New Year!

This is my second year of being homeless. I’ve been homeless for two years and nobody has helped me. It’s terrible. I am living on a couch under a tree in the park. Two years ago I was happily running a flower shop until I went broke and was kicked out by my landlord. My shop used to be called Charlotte and Bridie’s Flowers and now it is called Woolworths. My friend Charlotte at least had a husband and a family to go home to but I had nowhere. At the time I was living in a flat above the shop but now I can’t afford it. It’s so sad that people all around the country are becoming homeless. There are now 105,237 people all around the country who are homeless and nearly half of them are under 25. It is a hard life for a 35 year old like me but even harder for families with children. I really wish somebody would do something about it.

From Bridie






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  1. We have never had a pyjama day at our school . I would have loved to do it when I was younger. Come to our blog

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