Immigration Museum Excursion

Another day of rich learning and new discoveries was what we experienced today. We ventured into the city to visit the Melbourne Immigration Museum. The day included 3 unique activities.
First we visited the IDENTITY exhibition. This showcased the uniqueness of each culture. WE learnt about how food, dress, family and religion can influence the appearance and identity of a person. We all make assumptions about people’s identity. It is important to learn about different cultures so that we understand them and are more accepting. It was fascinating to see the variety of skin colours, eye shapes and noses. We are all very different.
We stood in the shoes of a person being victimised on a tram. It made us think about how we all react when we see someone who is different.
Our second activity was using our PASSPORTS to visit the Leaving Home exhibition. This included the many stories about why people have immigrated into Australia and how they have arrived here. Many people are persecuted in their own countries and many others come to Australia for a better way of life and more opportunities. It was fascinating to board the ship and listen to the sounds and experience the smells and conditions on board the various ships. We read stories about the immigrants and learnt about the waves of immigration over the past 245 years.
Our final task was to use mini ipads and the book creator app. Photos of old buildings and sites around Melbourne were uploaded for us to compare and find the differences and similarities. Melbourne is a modern and vibrant city but many old sandstone buildings are hidden treasures along many of our streets.
Overall it was an awesome day and we thank the Museum staff for being such a great support to us throughout the day.
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