Sovereign Hill Ballarat

Last Friday the Year 5 and 6 students visited Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. It is a replica of a Gold Mining Town from the 1850’s. There is a large variety of shops to visit in the main street. We enjoyed looking at the old fashioned toys, seeing the blacksmith and buying some old fashioned boiled lollies. We visited the Red Hill Mine which took us deep underground to a demonstration on how one of the largest gold nuggets “The Welcome Nugget’ was discovered. We ventured along the creek beds panning for gold and toured around the miners tents and makeshift village.Β The conditions would have been very harsh for the miners and their families.

We also tried our luck at the wooden bowling alley and we made candles in the candle makers shop. It was a fabulous day and we enjoyed being immersed into the lives of the immigrants and settlers from all those years ago.

Sovereign Hill 2015 on PhotoPeach


3 thoughts on “Sovereign Hill Ballarat

  1. What is it like to go to Australia across the overseas I sort of like singing🎀 and I like playing video gamesπŸ‘Ύ


  2. I really enjoyed watching your Sovereign Hill video. It has inspired me to visit this place again. What were some of the best activities there?

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