St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day Celebrations


St Patrick’s Day is an important event on our school calendar for more reasons than one. It is a day to wear green and celebrate the Irish Patron Saint but it is also the day that our Social Justice Team make green cups, green cookies, pancakes and jellies to share. We sell the treats at recess to help raise funds for Caritas.


Caritas support people in need all around the world.


Caritas has worked towards the creation of a just world for over 100 years. In 1964, Caritas began in Australia. They are an Agency who work for International Aid and Development.


Caritas is Latin for love + compassion – two qualities which are central to their work and something that we help to promote through our Social Justice Team. Thank-you to everyone who sent along food to share and for helping to make it such a fabulous day!



What does your school do to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

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