Excursion to Fire Museum and Melbourne Museum

Reflections on our learning at the Fire Museum and Melbourne Museum!




  • We found out about how fire fighters dressed and travelled in the past
  • I discovered how a modern day fire hose works
  • The fire trucks have changed dramatically over time
  • Fire trucks were originally pulled by horses
  • We learnt about the history of fires in Victoria
  • The firefighters get changed within 90 seconds and they get to the emergency in under 7 minutes
  • The best thing was going into the old watch room and seeing how cool the warning system and alarms were. It ran very efficiently.
  • Technology has now replaced the manual labour of the fire station
  • There was a huge array of medals that had been awarded to the firefighters over the years including a Victoria Cross


  • The 3D Volcanic Eruption movie was really interesting. It was great seeing it from a different perspective
  • The rocks were interesting
  • Seeing the revolving earth models were fascinating to see the changes over time and how the earth was formed
  • We could see what the earth looked like over 4 million years ago
  • The rocks and crystals were amazing, to think that something so bright and colourful can come from underground
  • Seeing the 3D movie helped me to visualise the power of the disaster
  • The crystals are formed naturally and have such incredible beauty and shapes
  • It was like travelling on a ride going along with the lava in the lava tube
  • The museum was a wonderful place to visit to help us understand more about the earth’s structure and volcanoes

2 thoughts on “Excursion to Fire Museum and Melbourne Museum

  1. Looked like you had a fun and informative time on the excursion. You were lucky to be able to actually use the fire hoses, and try on all their heavy equipment.

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