Transforming Maths with Chromebooks

Today was our first day of using our brand new 1:1 chromebooks.
After an initial morning of setting up and personalising them, we then explored the apps that were installed.



Genius hour was great as we could launch straight into our google drive and continue working. It was easy to oversee the research with the use of Hapara.
After recess during Maths, we were exploring Pyramids and Prisms. We created a variety of skeletons for our 3D shapes. The students were able to photograph their shapes on their chromebooks.
Through the use of Hapara a slideshow was shared for all students to work on. Following the link provided, each pair worked to investigate a different historical pyramid or building.
The students could comment to allow each other to know their country of focus. They were fascinated to discover the many and varied pyramids around the world.
It was so quick to add their research and at the completion of the lesson we could view and share the collaborative slideshow.


Chromebooks at St Lukes

3 thoughts on “Transforming Maths with Chromebooks

  1. So exciting to see your happy faces and the way you explored the new tools today.
    I have every confidence that you will all learn so much with these tools at your fingertips. I am confident that the process we took to make the decision about our devices will ensure we made a good choice. The possibilities are enormous.
    I am very excited to see what you can achieve, learn etc.
    Mrs C

  2. They look amazing! No more waiting around to log on! Yeh!!
    You’ve done great research on Pyramids, I didn’t know some of them existed!! I think I need to go back to school!!
    Keep learning
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini 🙂

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