Welcome back to Term 4 –

Welcome back everyone to for the beginning of an exciting term. We are endeavoring to answer the question:
“How does knowledge empower communities to support and collaborate in times of Natural Disasters?”

Our focus in Inquiry will be on researching Natural Disasters within Australia and around the World.
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During this unit students will explore the way in which the earth changes especially the immediate changes seen in natural disasters. The students will develop understandings about the relationship between; earth (sea and land) and its atmosphere through scientific investigations. They will determine whether changes to the earth are geological or atmospheric, and establish some of the causes and effects of a range of natural disasters. They will investigate ways in which natural disasters may be prevented or managed in order to minimise damage.bushfire
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9 thoughts on “Welcome back to Term 4 –

  1. Hello Gridley,
    I am very interested in our new topic and rich question about natural disasters and simply can’t wait to learn all about it.
    This terms inquiry is going to be splendid!


  2. Hi Mrs Gridley, I’m so excited about this terms inquiry!
    I’m excited because natural disasters are very interesting and they can’t be stopped so learning about them will not only be fun but after we might know how to be safe from these disasters.
    Over all I can’t wait to learn inquiry this term.


  3. Hi Mrs Gridley
    The topic Natural disasters sounds like a term of heaps of learning. I think it will be very fun and can’t wait till more. It will also give us important life lessons in the unlikely situation of a natural disasters.
    I think it’s going to be a great term!


  4. Hi Mrs Gridley
    I’m REALLY EXCITED about this topic and hoping I learn lot’s about it, I’m wanting to study sinkholes, are they Natural disasters, they are aren’t they?
    From Will.C ( SMY )

  5. Hi Will,
    it is great that you are excited about our new inquiry topic.
    Yes sinkholes are a natural disaster, so feel free to research them further.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Mrs Gridley

  6. Hi St Luke’s students
    S.M.C.M have also done natural disasters I learnt that as soon as a cyclone hits the ground it loses energy and an earthquake is the most expensive type of natural disaster.

    From Christian

  7. Hello St Luke’s I have heard that your class have been learning about natural disaster. I’m here to give you a fact that there is 4 types of volcanoes.
    There is a Dome, Shield, Cinder and a Straoph volcano.Keep up with the good work and I will see your class at camp.

  8. last term we learnt about natural disasters.
    we learnt about: volcanos, tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes, avalanche and floods.

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