Passionate Class Discussions

I have set my self the goal of promoting Student Voice, within my class. I want to give students the opportunity to share their ideas, to listen to each other and build confidence in discussions. I also want to give every student the chance to speak, to show that all opinions and ideas are valued.
Today we began to share our ideas within 1 minute time frames, speed chatting, with 3 different people. The topic was ‘How do we promote a Cleaner and Greener Australia.’ The students had to put forward an argument that they were passionate about. The buzz between the pairs and passion in the discussions was fabulous.
After the speed chatting we moved into a circle with the whole class. Every student was invited randomly to share the ideas.
The level of engagement was fantastic. I was careful to include every student and model good listening with eye contact, empathy and encouragement. Even the quieter students were brought into the discussion with cold calling. There was no waiting for hands to go up. Ideas that were achievable were recorded so that action could be taken.
It was a valuable lesson, which not only gave every student an opportunity to be heard but also a chance to share their knowledge and learning from this terms inquiry.
I will be incorporating the speed chatting and whole class discussions more regularly into my planning.


Some student ideas for taking action to promote a Cleaner and Greener Australia:
* write letters to the government to promote renewable energy
* reduce costs of solar panels to encourage everyone to use them
* set up connections with Coles Supermarkets and take-away venues to recycle plastic bags
* sign petitions for renewable energy use and limiting the use of coal
* using rubbish dumps for the methane gas to power electricity plants
* recycling, reducing and reusing old things

One thought on “Passionate Class Discussions

  1. Hi Senior G
    Looks like you’ve got up to some good learning to make Austalia a better country.
    I like the idea of getting evryone to join in and call out good ideas. I’m currently in Liverpool witch is in England and I have noticed that it’s a very clean city. After I see a bit more of thje place I’ll compare it to Melbourne.

    I’ve only come up with one idea to make Australia a better place using grey e.g. putting a buccet under you when you’re in the shower and then putting it on the plants outside.
    talk to you soon

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