Hexagonal Thinking

At the beginning of Inquiry Learning this term we used Hexagonal Thinking to explain what we already knew about Science and Physics concepts. Things we didn’t know about were put into the parking lot and other topics and concepts were linked to show what the students already knew.
As we are now half way through this term, it was time to revisit the Hexagons and see if our thinking and understandings had changed.
It was awesome to see the groups rearranging, questioning and clarifying their ideas.
Many were surprised by what they had learnt and could now explain their new understandings.
LISTEN to the reflections on their learning!

3 thoughts on “Hexagonal Thinking

  1. What fantastic reflections of learning. Those who spoke used great eye contact and hand expressions to engage the viewer. The visual representations were terrific. WOW how impressive. Well done seniors

  2. Dear Seniors,
    I love how the hexagonal thinking idea has allowed you to reflect on what you knew and what you now know. I can see it can be an ongoing activity that you can return to many times as you gather more understandings.
    Your explanations were wonderful. Great work Seniors.
    Can you think of other ways you could use this type of thinking tool?
    Mrs C

  3. Wow! I’ve never seen Hexagonal Learning before and think it looks amazing. I love the way you showed how you’ve all changed your ideas as you’ve learnt more and more and I was really impressed by how well you all explained your learning. I guess it’s ‘hexagonal’ to show how all the areas are linked – is that right? I may have to magpie this for my class in England!

    Keep up the great work and maybe I’ll get my class to check out your blog too!

    Mr Darling
    Class 6o, Lyons Hall school, Braintree, Essex, UK

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