Physics Discoveries

Physics Investigations on PhotoPeach

I really enjoyed learning about gears and pulleys and how they work. It was great working with my partner Gemma. I liked how we presented our work and the style of the mini expo.
I learnt how lightning is formed and the different types of lightning. I enjoyed making a model and learning from other students.
I really enjoyed learning about water turbines and how they work. I enjoyed working with a partner also.
I found it interesting learning about light and batteries. I discovered how to create an electrical circuit. Our topic was interesting and it was great working with a partner. She had a very creative mind.
I think I did well and I liked working with Tully to learn about how solar panels work. He was a great partner to work with and we shared the information and research together. I also learnt about lighthouses and what’s inside them from Adam.
I learnt a lot of information about batteries and circuits. I enjoyed making a model also.

Physics Investigations on PhotoPeach

One thought on “Physics Discoveries

  1. I love science and Physics experiments. Your models show you have a great understanding of your projects. We may have some budding inventors developing before our eyes!!
    Keep making new discoveries and using your talents.
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

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