Celebrating Book Week with Richard Galbraith

Richard Galbraith is an author and illustrator. He has produced a variety of kids books and cartoon workshops on CD and apps.
We were lucky to have him visit our school today and share his expertise and imagination through his drawing.
WE enjoyed learning the skills of cartooning. We discovered how to give expression, personality and action to our cartoons.
Richard has written the novel ‘Snowfire’ and a variety of adventures about Banjo Blue the koala.
Richard Galbraith







6 thoughts on “Celebrating Book Week with Richard Galbraith

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  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. WE love blogging and make it a part of our everyday teaching and learning. Good luck on your blogging journey!
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  3. Wow, I wish I was there. I would love to get some hints on how to draw cartoons. I will be looking out to see your creations! We are so lucky to be able to have talented people visiting our school. (Another thing to be grateful for!)
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed Richard Galbraith coming to our school. He taught all of us how to improve our ilustations an made the pictues funny!!!!!

  5. Hi, my name’s Lauren and I’m from St Bede’s.
    I really enjoyed looking at your blog and those were some amazing pictures! Your blog is amazing and it’s really interesting!
    Do you enjoy posting on the blog?
    If you tried to draw these pictures, would you be successful?
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  6. Dear Mrs Gridley,
    Thank you for replying! We are currently learning decimals and the right strategy to add decimals. We also learnt what position we have to put the decimals in to make the adding correct. Before we were learning about decimals, we were learning the basics about how to add and subtract decimals.

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