Making Discoveries about Physics

To learn more about Physics we set up 6 activities. It gave us time to investigate various concepts about Physics and discover by experimenting, making, testing and observing. We were like real scientists. We used different materials to learn about:

  • light
  • gears
  • pulleys
  • incline planes
  • aeroplanes
  • static electricity

I discovered that static electricity can move cans and lift paper.

Physics Tasks








Making gears was fun because we could experiment with different size gears and make things. Adam created a fantastic car that moved.
I learnt that using water glass and light I could create a rainbow. The light reflected off mirrors also to make different effects. We used small torches to shine through a magnifying glass. The light was bigger and made good effects.
I discovered that rubbing a balloon on wool gave it static electricity. You could then use that energy to move an aluminium can.
Holding the light under a magnifying glass and shining it on the ceiling created a disco ball effect.
We used two pulleys to lift a kilogram weight, which was easier than just pulling it up with one pulley.

One thought on “Making Discoveries about Physics

  1. Hope you love science as much as I do! There are always new and interesting discoveries to make, and it is usually lots of fun discovering new things. How things move, react to each other, reflections, images and gravity .. so much to learn and enjoy. Have fun and keep reporting what you find.
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

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