The World Cup moved to Melbourne today as the stars of St Luke’s came out to play.
Highlights included many goals scored by Riley, Laura, Gemma and Ciaran. Ivan was ecstatic kicking his goal also. The sportsmanship was impeccable, as students encouraged and supported each other. The boys team was triumphant winning every game and making it into the Grand Final. They played really well and came runners up.
The girls won 3 games and drew another just missing out on playing in the final. Overall it was a spectacular day.



8 thoughts on “Soccer

  1. I was the coach for the girls soccer on Friday.
    We played five games in total, we won three, drew to one and lost to the other which was a close game.
    It was my pleasure to coach the girls and may I say that we had some hidden talent in out team.
    Congratulations and Thank You

  2. Being grade 6 is Fun!

    In my class I have lovely people, and some of these people are my friends, basically, the whole school are my friends!

    In my class, I have got the best teacher that can teach maths. She explains what to do if you do not understand. She is the maths leader.

    This term, I have really enjoyed sport,music and art!
    Sport- soccer may not be one of my favourite sports, but recently I have been enjoying soccer.
    Music- I love making up songs with my friends and listening to music
    Art- any art inspired me, because I love my art,sunsets,trees and other peaceful things!

    MaddyM! (;

  3. Congratulations to both the boys and girls team on a great day. I went along to the watch the soccer games, and it was great to see how well you all played. There was great sportsmanship shown, which is a credit to you all. Thanks also for organising the weather so it didn’t rain on the day!

  4. Hi Mrs Gridley & Senior G,
    This sounded like a great day and I am disappointed that I couldn’t come but I am glad that you all had fun and did so well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. To Senior G
    The soccer Friday was excellent everyone showed fantastic sportsmanship and most importantly had fun. It was great to see team efforts from the boys team and the girls team and it was great that the whole team got involved. It was a great experiences and I hope to do it next year. Great work boys team and girls team!!!
    Thank you Seniors
    Ciaran 😀

  6. Hello,
    I thought going on the soccer round robin was a great experience and was proud of both teams. I was happy and surprised to get 7 goals! And what our team could achieve.
    Thanks, Bye

  7. Hello Mrs Gridley,
    I enjoyed going on the soccer round robin and playing against other schools with our team and our couch, Franca.
    It was an amazing experience and everyone is proud of both teams.
    We did a great job and I was very happy for the boys who got into the finals.
    GO TEAM!

  8. Hey Mrs. Gridley!
    The soccer on Friday sounded like great fun and a good experience for our sport stars at St Lukes and also a great time to show good sportsmanship. Friday looked very busy but very fun, I’m sure that both teams did their best and had a superior day.

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