Crazy Day at School

CRAZINESS was everywhere to be seen today; everyone dressed crazily, wore their hair crazy and helped raise a crazy amount of money. We are raising awareness about the lack of education opportunities in other countries. We believe that it is is crazy that not all children have the opportunity to attend school and receive an edcuation like we do.
Vinnies is running a program called ‘Assit a Student’ so each class was aiming to raise $70 so that we could sponsor a child to be educated for a year.
We raised $630 so that’s sponsorship for 8 students!
Crazy Day on PhotoPeach

3 thoughts on “Crazy Day at School

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Today was so Crazy that everything around us looked so craaaazzzy!

    It was great to see everyone dressed up with their crazy hair and clothes.

    Thank you all for a crazy day!

  2. Looks like everyone had a fun day. You all look very colourful and yes – definately CRAZY!!!

  3. Great to see that you were all able to display your craziness, and raise money for a good cause at the same time.

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