Students teaching each other Poetry

Today was the beginning of a series of lessons planned and run by the students, to teach each other different styles of poetry.
Amber and Rylee chose to learn about Limericks. They made a presentation and then taught the class how to write one also.


I really enjoyed learning about poetry from my friends. Limericks are great because they have humour and they follow a pattern.
It was fun hearing each others limericks. It is a great way to learn having our class mates present the lesson.

The fat cat
There once was a girl who had a cat
The fat cat loved to sit on the mat
The cat wanted to fly
But it couldn’t go high
The fat cat just played with the grey rat.

Raining Chocolate by Amelia

As the chocolate falls from the sky
I stand beneath with my mouth open wide
Sprinkling like a shower
I dance through the flowers
From my head down to my toes it slides.

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