Nurse Bernie visits the Seniors

As we are learning about Body Systems we have invited in our parents, who work in the health industry to come and visit. This week we very lucky to have Bernie come and share her expertise about being a neo natal nurse at the Royal Children’s Hospital.
I learnt that all the cords and wires that are attached to the tiny new born babies is just to help them survive. They check the baby’s heartbeat and breathing. It gives the baby milk also. At the hospital they have a mini zoo and aquarium, classrooms and a playroom for the older children. I really enjoyed learning about what Bernie does. It sounds like a very happy job to have.
At the Royal Children’s Hospital they have a play room that is strictly for having fun. No medical staff are allowed to go in there. They also have a movie theatre there. I learnt about how much the nurses help the new born babies. It is great to see them go home stronger and healthier.

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