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Today we had visitors from the Philippines. Robert told us about how he lived on the streets. When he was sick someone took him to the hospital. He recovered luckily and went on to become stronger and fitter. His story made me feel sad but now he is following his dreams to become a Chef. I am very happy for him.

At Bahay Tuluyan they have a drop in centre for homeless children. They teach the children about their rights and help to educate them.


I discovered how many people in the Philippines walk past the homeless and pay no attention to them. It made me feel pretty sad. When I see homeless people in the city I will be more thoughtful from now on.

I am so proud of what Robert and Donna have achieved since growing up on the streets. How they lived is incredible and now they have changed their lives.

2 thoughts on “Bahay Tuluyan

  1. Having seen how these young people work on the streets of Manila helping other children who are just like they were is amazing. Their stories are sad but inspiring. I am glad you were able to meet these people who are making a difference to children’s lives. Please share with your families what you expereinced today. It is a memory to inspire.
    It was also fantastic to see your work and fundraising recognised in their video presentation.

  2. Robert and Donna obviously grew up on the streets and didn’t do very well. I thought it was good that someone took Robert to a hospital. How long were they living on the streets for? Did they always grow up poor and on the streets or did they live with their families as children? – Cooper

    Have Robert or Donna seen their mother or father? It was really brave of Robert and Donna to tell their story to everyone – Adol

    How did they get food and water? – Jenny

    I feel sorry for Robert and Donna, but I’m glad they had a good ending – Molly

    Just by listening to all the Seniors said it sounds really sad – Natasha

    It sounds like they had a bad beginning but at least now Robert is doing what he wants to do – Grace

    I’m glad that they’re safe and healthy. I’m glad that Robert is following his dream of becoming a chef – Sienna

    Do they know if they have any brothers or sisters? – Natalia

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