Our Forest Artworks

It was great to mount and hang our finished works of art. We think the Fred Williams would be very proud!
What do you think of our artistic skills and talents?

Forest Artworks inspired by Fred Williams on PhotoPeach

Forest Artworks inspired by Fred Williams on PhotoPeach

4 thoughts on “Our Forest Artworks

  1. Hi everyone, I am an Assistant Principal in South Australia. I LOVE your artwork. The colours are so Australian! Some of you captured the light hitting the sides of the trees beautifully. These pieces are definitely saleable! You should organise an Art Gallery and invite grandparents in to buy the art work at an afternoon tea! Thanks for sharing! If you sent me one, I would hang it in my office in a glass frame! Your teacher knows my email address!

  2. Seniors these are amazing. Fred Williams’ art may have been the inspiration but you have taken it and showcased your creativity and talent.
    Williams inspiration was Sherbrooke Forest 20 minutes down the road. Next time you visit the Dandenong Ranges, you may see the patterns of nature and look at the forest from a different perspective. The artist’s eye opens our viewpoint in a different way. You could consider photography as another artform looking at the forest from different angles.
    Art and creativity are supportive of our wellbeing. Continue to be inspired.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Inspirational art work guys, well done. We have been learning about the Amazon rainforest recently and your art work has inspired us to find out more about Fred Williams and have a go at this style of art ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Your quadblogging buddies at Barrow Hill, UK.

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