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Our quad blogging buddies from Barrow Hill in the UK asked if we could make a movie about our wonderful city, Melbourne. So with a few videos from Spring Street in Melbourne, photos and quick comments from my class, we have put together a Welcome to Melbourne video.
Some highlights include the MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia played England to win the Ashes and where our local Aussie Rules Football is played.
Other highlights are our many beautiful parks, playgrounds and beaches. Melbourne is a sporting capital of the world and we all love playing and viewing many different sports. We hope that enjoy our movie!

Welcome to Melbourne from vgridley on Vimeo.

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  1. Thank you so much for sending us this video guys – our whole school watched this in our assembly last week and we were all fascinated. Your city looks like an amazing place to live. I can’t believe all of the amazing sports venues you have on your door step! To be able to watch Ashes cricket and formula one in your own city must be amazing! Also, to have such beautiful coast line so close makes you very lucky!

    We are sorry it’s took us a while to get back to you, we’ve been really busy, but we’ve put some time aside tomorrow for our children to write to you on your blog, so you should be hearing from us very soon.

    Thanks again – we are now about to begin making our own video about our local area!

    Mr. Heeley, Barrow Hill Primary.

  2. We absolutely love your video all of us wish that we could go to Melborne! We also fancy a trip to your place. I loved all the animals and playgrounds and games that you play! We really wish we could all have the fun stuff that you have.

    There is just one question I want to know. How many people do you have at your school? I keep thinking you must have absolutely lots of people there.

  3. What do you do in Footy?(What is Footy?)
    I thought the video for us was amazing,brilliant because you told us what happens in Melbourne and what species you have.
    What animals can you have as pets?

  4. I really liked your video because it told us what it’s like in Melbourne your school looks really cool I wish I was born in Melbourne.
    What is the best pet to keep.
    Is it really hot.
    I hope I could go to your school because of the acquitment it looks so much fun.
    Your school playground is so huge.
    We will be sending a video about our school and the UK.
    Thanks so much.

  5. Hello people in Australia! Do people in your country go shark hunting? The video about your city is amazing, and I absolutely love all of your beaches, they look extraordinary!

    From Clark in Barrow Hill United Kingdom

  6. I like your amazing play ground, as well as the trees that you can climb it is very nice in Melbourne and you have got a lot of amazing animals and lots of trams . I hope you will come and visit us in Barrow Hill one day!

    What sort of animals do you have as pets?

    What foods is Australia famous for?

    Hope you enjoy reading my writing!

  7. It is amazing to have such a great city and be able to see such exotic and amazing animals.I think the video you made was excellent and it made me want to learn more about Austrailia and Melbourne.Also it must be great to have so many stadiums in Melbourne which you can be able to go to live.
    Plus it must be great to have sun and loads of exciting things to do wear you live.

    What is Australia’s most exotic animal?
    What animals do you have as pets?

    From Hollie at Barrow Hill in Chesterfield,UK.

  8. We look your vidio bceu it who’ brilt. Who your farmr bling? Your is good play grid Farouk for the video. We show we and clams the tree. Your buts are look delis. Can you come visit us.

  9. Why do have to pay for certain trams?
    What are the most popular sports in Melbourne?
    What are the different kangaroo species in and around Melbourne?
    I like the video because it tells you a lot of the animals you have in Melbourne.
    What animals can you have as pets?
    The video showed you lot having fun on the playground and how fabulous your city Melbourne is.
    Hope you can come and visit us soon.

  10. I like your video it really in spired me!
    Do you like it at Mellboune? I really liked your school playground,I would love to come and play with you !

  11. Thank’s for sending that amazing video.We love your fantastic playground,your beach and I think we should have a playground like your’s because we only have a football pitch and a basketball area.What is it like in Melbourne? What kind of food do you eat? Do you have any pets like dogs or cats? What it like there hot,cold or rainy? We are sorry we could not get back to you cause we have been really busy but we put some time aside and we put some nice comments.

    Thank’s again-we are now about to do a video about our local area!

    Tommylee, Barrow Hill Primary

  12. Brill! Very,very good Video I wish I could come to Australia and speak your accent so when I go back to the U.K. everyone will be OMG! oh and another thing, your country is as hot as the sun and I wish I could stay there.

    We mite be coming to Australia and I hope you will enjoy reading this,contact us as soon as bye,bye.

  13. Hello people from Australia! I am talking to you when you are a sleep so in your country have hunting seasn

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