Clean Up Australia Day

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Today at school our Sustainability Team organised a Clean Up Day. Each class had a designated area to clean. The team leaders had special gloves and bags to collect rubbish and recyclables. They also had tongs for really yucky rubbish.
It is great to all get involved, work together and help to “Keep Australia Beautiful.”
I think that it will make everyone think about where they throw their rubbish also.
We should all try to:

  • REDUCE our rubbish
  • REUSE certain materials
  • RECYCLE when we can

We hope that everyone can take part in Clean Up Australia Day this weekend. For more information, here is the official website!

5 thoughts on “Clean Up Australia Day

  1. Fantastic Work everyone. We can all make a difference. Thanks to the Sustainability team for reminding use to
    REDUCE our rubbish
    REUSE certain materials
    RECYCLE when we can
    it looks like everyone had fun working together.

  2. Unfortunately I was not able to go to clean up Australia Day.
    I think everyone did a great job because the school looks cleaner.
    I was wondering what was the yuckiest rubbish found?
    Well done everyone.

  3. I used to have a Tshirt with ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’ on it, but wore it so much it is worn out- of course I used it as a rag after that!!
    Can’t believe there was that much rubbish around the school. it sure makes us aware that we should be putting it straight in the bin, or picking it up when you see it around, without being asked! remember to put it in the right bin!!
    Thanks for cleaning it up!
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

  4. I would just like to say congratulation’s because I think its great our school got involved, and now our school looks great and clean, that also helps the environment.

    from Luke

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