Christmas Gifts for Vinnies

Hannah and Fintan
For a Christmas Action at our school we thought that we wanted to help the less fortunate. We want them to have a Christmas as good as ours. We all brought in presents for children and placed them under the Christmas Tree. We invited Margaret, the leader of Vinnies in Blackburn South, to come over and we presented the gifts to her and her group.
Her group will come back tomorrow and collect the gifts to deliver them to families in our area. It makes us feel more grateful for what we have and good inside because we are doing a good deed for other people. It makes we want to help more people in need in the future also. Happy Christmas Everyone!


One thought on “Christmas Gifts for Vinnies

  1. It’s so good to give at Christmas and not receive anything back. So glad you are grateful for what you have 🙂
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

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