Paper Tigers

Siobhon and Gemma
Sumatran Tigers have lived for over 6000 years and we want them to live for 6000 more. Paper companies need to change the way they source wood and stop clearing the forests. The tigers have lost over 60% of their forests, which have been cleared due to land being cleared to plant trees to make paper.
Paper companies need to think about what they are doing and think more about the environment. We should all be using less paper also.

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9 thoughts on “Paper Tigers

  1. Its so sad how the tigers have been living there for over 6000 years and now to big the biggest papper mill in the world and the trees and homes to many animals are being cut down and the numbers are dropping very fast. Its a shame that people have to do this just for money $$$. Its so bad how the have cut down 60% of the forsest is gone.

  2. I really think that this issue is very bad for our enviroment because tigers need trees for there habitat and when people come and chop down there homes that means that they have to go hunt for a new home. Also tigers have been living there for over 6000 years so why should we take over there home land. Also did you know that 60% of the forest is already demolished. Why should they cut down trees for paper for there paper mil, Its not fair.

  3. It’s hard to think about what life would be like if you were one of those tigers, your home being demolished and there is nothing you can do about it. This is a horrible issue that needs to be dealt with right away, people think that when they are chopping down trees for there paper that it is doing no harm, when it really is. I believe that all paper should be 100% recycled! Then no harm will be done to any habitat for any animal.

    Siobhon 🙂

  4. Hello senior G

    You guys look like your having fun while telling not the people who vist this blog that we should help save the Sumatran tiger. The tiger are a very important part of the interdepence cycle, it would not help losing another species of the wild. Also animals are just like humans with there own rights, but this just seem right. Images if you were a tiger lost, confused and surrounded by bull dozers. Good job Sonior G.

    From Jonathan

  5. Hello everyone,
    This was really fun learning about the tigers but it was also sad because the sumatra tiger is endangered because of deforestation and people ruining their habitats. I wonder how our class blog pet Trevor feels about this. Is he a sumatra tiger? Tigers are such loved animals and it would horrible for them to be extinct… then Katy Perry couldn’t sing her hit song Roar, but seriously it is VERY important that we can somehow put a stop to deforestation. Carmen and My poster is titled the “Eye of the tiger” because it’s a famous quote but we also thought how would you feel if that happened to you. I learnt a lot in this lesson, and had fun making the posters.
    From Georgia 🙂

  6. Tigers are animals and so are humans. But still tigers don’t go bulldozing our houses. That’s what some paper companies do to the Sumatran tigers. These companies use false advertisement and say that the paper is made from 100% plantation trees when they are cutting down the forests and planting these trees. You could look at it in a way that they are good replanting the trees but I see them as harming the environment and not relising the dreadful treatment of the tigers!

    So please look from the EYE OF THE TIGER!!!

    Corinne 😀

  7. I find it terrible how the Sumatran tiger’s habitat is being destroyed because of the deforestation loggers are doing in Samatra for the paper brand “PaperOne”.
    I also find it sad how the Samatran tigers have been on our earth for 6,000 years and it is almost like the loggers don’t know they exist.
    Terrible thing to do to the tigers.

    Bye, Fintan

  8. I agree with the post and all that has been said in the comments. I look at the packaging around toys and food, the takeaway containers, the photocopying paper we are using and even cards and Christmas wrapping. I have made a decision not to send Christmas cards to my friends and family this year except for two I send overseas. I also make a commitment not to buy wrapping paper for Christmas and use what I have but buy no more.
    I promise to think of alternatives in as many situations as I can in 2014. Please keep reminding me of this important issue.
    Trevor the Tiger might end up being a mascot for change.
    What commitments can others make?

  9. Mmm, I’ll be checking my paper label next time I buy- I have purchased that brand before, but no more!! There was also a sad documentary on Sumatran Tigers not being cared for properly in a zoo that has small cramped cages. This one was removed and taken to an open space sanctuary to recover. We need to look after our environment as well as the natural habitats of animals.
    Mrs Bellesini 🙁
    PS Looking at Mrs Clark’s reply reminds me she was saving paper by asking me to save my newspapers and bring them to school for her son doing Year 12. There are lots of ways we can help each other!

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