African Art

This spectacular art was inspired by the colours and nature of Africa. We used ink to create the colourful backgrounds and various pastels, crayons, chalk and textas to create the wild animals. We are concerned about the environmental dangers affecting the African biomes and we hope that our beautiful artworks will inspire everyone to think about their own impact on the environment.

African Art on PhotoPeach

African Art on PhotoPeach

8 thoughts on “African Art

  1. Beautiful artwork. I hope this does send a message about our impact on the environment.
    Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone could have the passion that people like Steve Parish and David Attenborough have. They use their passion and craft to promote the the wonders of our world. I wonder if many artists and craftsman have that strong link with nature and can express it through their art?

  2. Wonderful artwork inspired by a very worthy ideal of being aware of the biomes of the animals. So many of them are being interfered with by humans, which hampers their breeding and survival. One day I would love to go to Africa to see these animals on Safari. Make sure you stay informed.
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed watching this slide show of the African animals. These paintings were inspiring because their was lots of effort and detail in the paintings. I love the sunsets in the background which brought a true image to my mind of what it actually would look like in real life.

    Great job!
    From Hailey 🙂

  4. In the jungle the mighty jungle I see Elephants, a Zebra , a Giraffe, Snakes with beautiful sunsets in the back ground.
    I love the wonderful textures and colours we used for our African art.

    From Maddy M

  5. I really enjoyed doing the African art because it was fun and something different to do. I also enjoyed this because it made me think about more of my colour shading.

    I think this art was a stand out for me and I think that was the best art I’ve done!
    Everyone did fantastic and they all stood out, great job!
    I can’t wait for the next art topic!!😄

  6. Hi Seniors,
    I think the African art looks amazing! The backgrounds with the washes are super effective. The colours are really nice, kind of like a sunset. Everyone has a reall personality with their animal.
    Great work everyone, I was super impressed by the fact that each person had their own creativity in their art piece. Ithink this was a task where all the artworks stood out in their own way.

  7. Senior G,

    I absolutely love your African art…you really are a highly talented lot of artists with a great eye for design and colour. Magnificent!

    Mrs Yore

  8. What a great job we all did on our African Art. We can all be the next furture artist. I absolutely love the original water colour background and our own unique perspective of a elephant drawing. I defintley think that this has been my favourite art so far. I really like how each painting is bold, colourful and creative.

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