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photo (1)We love learning from experts and today we were lucky enough to have Laura, from Moreland City Council, come and speak to us. She taught us many knew things about our role as caretakers of the environment and she set us the challenge of looking at what we are doing and to think about what more we could do?photo laura

The quick facts from Laura were:

  • Use a Bike-Active transport
  • Sustainable products-low palm oil or no palm oil
  • Compost as much as possible
  • Recycle-shopping bags, products, paper
  • Use less paper
  • Re-use bath water
  • Shower Time should be shorter – Use a Timer
  • Install a Water tank
  • Solar power- Solar panels-Wind Power
  • Use Power saving devises
  • Energy efficient appliances- lights
  • Be The “Environment Police”
  • Sit down and tell them what to do to make the house/building approved
  • Introduce ‘The walking school bus’
  • Wind power is a great source of energy
  • Use Biodegradable plastics and soaps
  • Market forces encourage us as consumers
  • Oceans are getting warmer-fish eggs cant survive
  • We need to be proactive for the Environment


We learnt so much and shared our ideas. We are all now more aware of how we can help.

What will your family’s next challenge be as caretakers of the environment?

3 thoughts on “Environmental Guest Speaker

  1. Laura certainly left you thinking about ways we can all assist and be Environmental Warriors.
    How could we raise awareness with our own community even more?
    Remember when the preps started the plastic collection a few years ago and it has now become part of our daily practice.
    What else do you think we can do? I know the environment team works a lot to raise awareness. How can we assist them?

  2. Excellent incursion and well reported – I agree with Mrs Clark that we all need to be Environmental Warriors both at school and at home – so well done to all – It would have been a most rewarding activity.

  3. Sounds like a great incursion. The more you hear about these things the better equipped you are to live them out. I’m sure our world will be a better place because of you all following these ideas. Get to it!!
    Mrs Bellesini 🙂

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