What a Wonderful World


Nature is both beautiful and powerful. Our wonderful world is full of vibrant colours, amazing creatures, stunning landscapes and lots of love. All the animals are so beautiful in their own way, as is everything in nature. It is as though all Flora and Fauna are the children of Mother Earth. They are all unique and exotic.

We are so lucky to have our blue skies, sunshine and our friends, but I truly love all the sea creatures and the animals in this world. I love the colourful rainbow and the trees with their green leaves. What a wonderful world!

“The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky”
Watching these beautiful images makes me feel relaxed. I am so lucky to live in this wonderful world. It makes me feel very happy and very grateful for all that I have.

I think a wonderful sight in our world is Mount Panorama. The tall mountains have a beautiful view. Once a year a famous car race is held there in Australia. Its lovely green grass runs all around the mountain side.

What do you think is wonderful about our world?

9 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World

  1. Thank you for your wonderful writing about our wonderful world. I’ve been watching whales swim down the Sunshine Coast and they are wonderful. Slapping their tails and flippers and sometimes breaching. Whales are amazing wonderful creatures.

  2. Thank-you Mrs Ashby!
    Whales are amazing creatures. You are very lucky to be witnessing such an awesome spectacle. We hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine also.
    It is fantastic sharing all the wonders of our beautiful world with the students.
    Verona Gridley

  3. Hi Senior G,
    I agree with David Attenborough that this world is a wonderful world.
    What is your favourite part?
    Mine is when the penguins are shooting out of the wave!

  4. Hi Seniors,
    Words cannot express the beauty of our natural world.
    I believe a video like that showing amazing flora and incredible fauna could go on for hours and hours, yet I do not think you could get tired of it.
    I will certainly watch that video in future to remind me of the amazing things we see in ‘our wonderful world..’

  5. Hi seniors,
    Yesterdays religion was amazing, we had the opportunities to tell our friends how lucky we are, all of us.Animals and nature every time I hear that word they make each little nerve inside of me tingle because we are so lucky to live in a wonderful world. I really enjoyed doing our reflection on that particular song and make sure you all take the time to stop and look at our, wonderful world.


  6. The words in this song sum up life in my opinion. The colours the different shapes and nothing the same it shows how much nature can do and how every thing is unique. But everything can be aggressive to us but gentle to us but kind to them. So to sum up what a wonderful word.

  7. Hi Seniors,
    Our world really is wonderful, there are so many amazing things in our world that not many people appreciate. I love this video because it gives you a reminder about our wonderful world and the images of the Flora and Fauna in this video are incredible.


  8. I found this video beautiful how it starts with that sun rise upon the Mountain.
    I loved the wonderful features of the world on this video and how all the colorful landscapes remind you that “it’s a wonderful world”.
    my favorite part was either when the herd was walking with with the rainbow in the background or the baby turtle crawling on the sand to find the water.

  9. Wonderful responses, Seniors. We are constantly proud of your thoughtful reflections. You made me want to watch the video all over again.

    Mrs Yore

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