AFL Premiership Cup

Today Tim’s Dad brought the 2013 AFL Premiership Cup into our school. There was great excitement when he carried it in and as it was passed around.
We discovered that it is lined with 18 carat gold and the leaves on the cup are also 18 carat gold. The main part of the cup is made from Sterling Silver. It was very heavy.
We estimated that it was around 10 kilograms. Mrs Gridley was holding the cup and hoping to pass on some Good Luck to Richmond!
We cant wait for the finals to begin this weekend.




2013 AFL Premiership Cup

Go Tigers!!!

6 thoughts on “AFL Premiership Cup

  1. The Cup was really cool I can’t belive that there is so much gold and great work to Tim on bringing it in, But I have to agree partly with james wrong team and go CATS.

    From the Great Matt

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