Illustrator visit – Sue deGennaro

Button boy

There was great excitement at school this week when Sue deGennaro came to visit. She is the illustrator of the childrens’ book “Button Boy.”
She shared her story of becoming an illustrator only 7 years ago. Sue told us that she was always drawing in her spare time, when she wasn’t flying on the trapeze at the circus. Sue is very talented.
We discovered that it takes 6 or 7 drafts until her pictures are just right. Sue makes many copies, altering the colour, detail and characters in the illustrations.
We were given step by step instructions on how to create the little boy from ‘Button Boy’ walking along and Grandma playing with her needle and thread.


Sue explained she made a dummy book to check that the text and pictures worked together. We discovered that by changing the position of the eyes on a face can alter the whole mood of the character.


We also learnt that shadows can add movement to the character and bring it to life. WE love learning these tips from Sue and look forward to using them when we design our own characters for our upcoming narratives.


One thought on “Illustrator visit – Sue deGennaro

  1. Hearing from an illustrator and how she makes the strong connections with text are very valuable. In narrative we mostly begin with the text and illustrations are an interpretation of the text and the author’s intent.
    Having had the conversation with an illustrator, do you believe she would have the power to alter our perceptions of the author’s intent through her illustrations or is it the text that holds the message? What did you learn that might support your believe?

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