Famous Historical Australians

Famous Historical Australians on PhotoPeach

Famous Historical Australians on PhotoPeach

Today was awesome as each of the students presented a notable character from Australia’s History. There were doctors, scientists, explorers, sports stars, entertainers, artists and bushrangers. All of these famous and infamous characters have helped to shape Australia’s History.
The students all gave an oral presentation, dressed in character and answered questions from other students in the school. It was a wonderful personal learning task with many great discoveries about our past and how their actions have helped us today.

4 thoughts on “Famous Historical Australians

  1. Congratulations to the Seniors for the fantastic Expo on Famous Australians! I was very impressed with everyone’s displays. It is clear you all worked very hard and it showed in the quality of your displays. I really enjoyed watching how you tailored your presentations for your changing audience of adults through to preps.

  2. Looks like you all did a fabulous job portraying your chosen characters, there are so many famous and ‘infamous’ Aussies to choose from! A great variety is represented, which means many people learn about many others!! Well done seniors.
    Mrs Bellesini

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