National Tree Planting Day


Preparing for tree plantingSiobhon

On Friday was National Tree Day. We planted lots of trees with our prep buddies. We cleaned up all the leaves and we mulched all the garden beds. It made me feel excited that I was making a contribution to helping our environment.

Mulching the gardenHolly

During Friday we began planting some new trees around the oval next to the sandpit. We dug holes and filled them with new soil before placing in the new trees. We watered and mulched them to finish off. I felt happy because I was doing a good deed to help nature and to make our school more environmentally friendly.



Dirty working hands



3 thoughts on “National Tree Planting Day

  1. Thank you Seniors, especially the Environment team, for all you hard work and organisation on the day. The day flowed smoothly and was so successful.

    Ms Scott

  2. Hi everyone! My name is Kyla and I go to Holyroseary catholic school in Kensington Melburne.

    At our school
    You can go on our blog at and see what we’re doing.

    we do gardening club and they went to plant trees for


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