Villers-Bretonneux, Don’t Forget Australia

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After sharing the book “Do not Forget Australia” by authors Sally Murphy and Sonia Kretschmar, I was able to share my story of a recent visit to Villers-Bretonneux. It is a beautiful village in the North of France, that has rebuilt since the World War 1. There are signs all around the village, that show the friendship and gratitude of the French towards the Australians, who helped defend and then rebuild this town.
The story book is about two boys in 1918 and how their lives were affected by the war.
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With our recent learning around Social Justice issues it shows our students what can be achieved when someone helps, even in a small way. We can all make a difference. It may begin with raising awareness about issues or fundraising for a cause, which can lead to building schools, hope and successful futures for others.

2 thoughts on “Villers-Bretonneux, Don’t Forget Australia

  1. Hey Seniors,
    I really enjoyed this book, “Do not forget Australia” I was really amazed when I saw the photo that Mrs Gridley took, because it was exactly how I imagined it and look exactly like the picture in the book.
    Peace out,
    Mother Nature!

  2. What a moving and inspiring story. Over 70 years ago, our young men went a long way from home to fight a war, to help out some strangers. They made a very strong connection with the people of Viller-Bretonneux, and left a lasting and positive legacy. Imagine what could be achieved in the world if more people took this approach! Makes me proud to be Australian.

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