Reflection Day with Paul Spence


Today was an awesome day. We spent the day with Paul Spence and learned more about what it means to be Confirmed. Paul is an inspiring man because he helps African children to receive an education. Paul mostly helps in a village in Uganda.

Paul told us stories which were very touching. One of his stories was about a boy named Joseph who fell over and grazed his knee. He had washed the blood off with dirty water and a few days later his knee became infected. It was very sad to think that they do not have access to clean water. Joseph spent 16 weeks in hospital.

I felt touched by today because of all the people in Uganda that have no fresh water. It made me feel like I need to take more action to help others. Paul reminded me that I should let nothing stand in my way to “Be the Change I want to see in this world” so that everyone can have an AWESOME life.


Today we travelled to Holy Cross Centre in Templestowe and met Paul Spence. It was a very interesting day. I was touched as he told us stories about about his life in Uganda in Africa, which is his home away from home.

My favourite story was when he was walking in the Congo Jungle in Africa. His friend told him to sit down and rest and at that moment a huge silver back gorilla came and sat down next to him. The gorilla held his hand and then pushed him away so that he could eat the bamboo and sit in his spot.

I admire Paul as a role model and he said over and over again..“We can be the Change we wish to see in our world.”

I liked how we had a new way of learning and sharing today. We did not have to put up our hand but could just speak and join in the conversation. It was a fantastic day.

7 thoughts on “Reflection Day with Paul Spence

  1. It sounds like today was very inspiring and interesting. Looking forward to Friday’s confirmation celebration.

  2. Seniors, you are awesome. The way you speak about your expereinces and reflect on what you have learnt inpires me. Paul Spence is right” We can be the change we wish to see in the world”
    Can we put this up in the school so that we can think about what it means for us? The students of St Luke’s so often display this in their actions, sense of justice and empathy for others. We are very proud of you and the young adults you are becoming. Continue to carry this belief in social justice through your lives and make a change

  3. I have just put up and new post on ‘What we can and can’t Change’ from a few weeks ago, and will now go back and include “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Because YOU CAN BE!! Sounds like a wonderful, inspiring day. Good luck on Friday night.
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini 🙂 (Mrs Clarke, we are on the same page!!)

  4. Helo James i have lernt sonthing new i dident no who this person was i want to hear more of these storys.

    from youre pen pal Sean

  5. We love your blog and we will visit it every day from now on.

    We are from Barrow Hill Primary School so please can you come and see our blog Thankyou

  6. The feedback on the retreat has been inspiring. It sounded like a fantastic experience and Paul Spence is a great role model who has obviously influenced you all in a very positive way. I am very excited to see that you have an appreciation of, and a desire to help those less fortunate than yourselves. You make me very proud.

  7. Hi Seniors G!!
    It sounds like you had an awesome day with a meaningful story.
    Confirmation is a big step after First Eucharist, and it sounds like you are ready for it!
    The excursion sounded like fun! After you heard Paul Spence talk to you and you are about to make your confirmation, what are you going to differently?? At my school this year, our Motto is #did- do it differently. Are you going to change anything now you are closer with God??
    Keep up the awesome work!!
    From Sarah

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