Maths – Measuring at Home

Many classes at school have been making new discoveries about measuring. They have solved many problems and worked in groups to find out more about Volume, Capacity, Mass, Length, Time, Temperature and Area.
The whole school was set the challenge of cooking at home using a variety of measures. Below are some of our wonderful mathematicians measuring and baking at home.

Here are some photos of Madeline and Caitlin making pizza dough. They love cooking and they do it quite regularly. The girls always spend at least half their weekend playing My Kitchen Rules in the backyard and cubby house with dirt, sand, water, grass, leaves and flowers. Caitlin and Madeline often cook with their Mum and now they are making sure they talk about the measurements also.

Here is a photo of Hannah enjoying her very last Anzac biscuit which she baked last Thursday. She did everything including reading the recipe, measuring the ingredients and mixing it all together, completely unassisted. The only thing she didn’t do was the dishes afterwards!! The vote from the rest of the family was VERY GOOD! The Anzac biscuits disappeared very quickly.

It is great to hear all the different ways that parents and children are measuring at home.

What have you measured lately?

4 thoughts on “Maths – Measuring at Home

  1. It’s super to see you continuing your learning at home. I always find it helps to be apply what you learn to real life situations.

    Mr. Heeley

  2. Thanks Mr Heeley! It is great when students enthusiasm for learning continues at home. It is wonderful when they take on those extra challenges.
    Thanks for commenting on our blog.
    Verona Gridley

  3. Wow, it is so great to see children using maths for a real purpose. This is why we learn and develop our maths skills so that we can use it in everyday life. What I really want to know is what an ANZAC biscuit is? Perhaps you could write up the recipe for us to try to make in our lessons. Juts to let you know there are 23 children in my class (as well as a teacher that juts loves biscuits) so perhaps you could adjust the recipe accordingly. We have been practising this skill of ratio and proportion in our maths class so it will really help my class too. This just has to be the part about blogging, sharing our learning and inspiring each other from around the world. I think I am going to ask my class to make a recipe book of English treats for you to try to make and perhaps you could make an Australian one.
    Keep up the great work,
    From Mrs Duxbury and 6D your number one blogging fans

  4. Thankyou Mrs Duxbury. WE love your wonderful comment.
    Hannah will organise the recipe for you.
    Maybe we could work on a Google doc to create our shared recipe book!
    ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
    The biscuits were made for the soldiers during the war. The butter in them kept them fresh.
    They are very delicious.
    We would love to share some English treats also.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

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