Marvellous Measuring in Maths

This week in Maths we were involved in a rotation of collaborative activities in measurement.
We explored:
-Speed and Power
We all enjoyed the cooking because we made our own bread. It was very sticky rubbing it in our fingers but it was great to measure, seive and combine all of the ingredients.
We discovered the difference and similarities between volume and capacity. We compared our heights and weights. We also had fun with water measuring with different containers and finding out about millilitres and litres.
It was a fun and creative learning experience, working in teams and sharing our discoveries.

8 thoughts on “Marvellous Measuring in Maths

  1. Hi guys,
    It looks like you had great fun making bread! We’ve used smarties for ratio in our class!
    Thanks for the post!

    From Poppy.

  2. Dear Junior Blackburn,
    It looks like your having a good time weighing yourself and other things like volume speed and power. Also we’ve done this in our school (but it wasen’t outside like yours was.
    From Daniel@www.6d2012.

  3. Dear Junior Blackburn,
    WOW! It looks like you are having such good fun there, I would love to do that, your hands look all sticky. In maths I wish we did this it looks such good fun. I remember when we did mesuring but we never did nothing like that, but now I wish we did. I hope you enjoyed this maths lesson.

    In High-Lawn(the school that I go to) We are learning long addition methods and solving maths problems in diffrent methods. The mothod that I find hard is the long addition, it is really hard to do. Have you ever done the long eddition before? If you have not you should ask your teacher to try it out with you.

    From Annalese

    I hope you enjoy your maths lessons !!!

  4. Wow, Looks like you had an amazing time cooking and eating your ‘school made’ bread. I wish I was there. I like how you have used maths with cooking as maths is used in every day life. I would like to ask you, What was your favorite part of the lesson? Hope to hear from you,
    From your Quad Blogging Buddy,

  5. Dear Junior Blackburn,
    it sounds like you had lots of fun learning about measuring. Also, I have learnt new topics for measuring such as ‘ speed and power, volume ‘. Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part about it? What else did you learn about? Furthermore, it sounds like you had fun baking bread. I would like to bake bread but when we learnt about measuring we didn’t make bread. I hope we can learn about measure and make our own bread. I will tell our teacher if we can learn about measure.

    From your quad blogging at

  6. Wow, this looks like a lot of fun in maths, we have done something like this in are class. Put more things on your blog because it is fun to read it. Did you have good fun doing this ( What was your favourt thingto do in maths) Please leave a reply!

    Your friend Olivia

  7. Hi Seniors

    Thanks for sharing this lesson. What a smart way to explore mathematical concepts – by using them with actual objects!
    You have inspired the Middles to do some similar activities this week 🙂


    Ms Scott

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